All You Need To Know About UK Entrepreneur Programme

The European Union (EU) is recovering from recession and newer realms are unfolding where more vibrant investments can barge in and kick start the stagnancy that had been pushed the economy to an all time low. Given this, if you are looking for investment in the UK, Entrepreneur Programme that this country streamlines can help you. Possibilities have widened for investment. At the same time, the concerned government is also looking for more investments from offshore investors, so they have eased of the Entrepreneur Programme.

Therefore, if you are looking for expanding your business and covering the world market, the EU is the realm that is waiting to be touched. Recently, the government in the UK has also stepped forward to attract the investors through different programmes that help them excel. Hence, if you are looking forward to movement, then it is ripe time to chase the pursuit.

Take a quick sneak peek at the requirements that this programme seeks for streamlining the movement!

  • You must invest 200,000 British Pounds to establish a new business.
  • Investment should come in those areas that are lagging behind in development.
  • Investor should have to create employment also during the investment. Generating two employments are mandated for ensuring that the visa remains valid. If you fail to comply with this requirement, then you can be held liable for legal actions.
  • You must have enough funds that can help you sail through in the US till the business is established and it starts making the desired profit.
  • You should also bear all the liabilities of the business, and have enough funds in your account to deal with business uncertainties.
  • You should also propose a business plan that could turn things around for the economy. You plan should look practicable, profitable and highly optimistic.

If you are applying for Entrepreneur Investor program for UK, you have the provision to move along with your family. Even the children that you have will be redeemed as British nationals, and they would be treated accordingly while enjoying benefits, like healthcare, education and other benefits that are entitled to British nationals.

Generally, the visa gets processed very fast, and such benefits have redeemed it to be fragile and often used for complicit purpose. So, the UK government has proposed a way out to deal with this mess. They would evaluate you and accordingly take action for any complacency. If you are fail to meet the minimum benchmark of generating two employments in one year, then it can even stand terminated, and you would be asked to leave the country, or deported.

When you apply for UK Entrepreneur Programme, a minimum requirement of 6 bands are compulsory in International English Language Testing System, also known by its acronym IELTS. If you have lived under this programme in the UK for five years in a stretch, you, along with your family, can apply for British nationality.


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