Do You Know Benefits of Australian PR Are Galore?

Benefits of Australian PR

You definitely want to be successful in your life, don’t you?  The best way of having success is to be at the globally renowned and the extensively visited destination of Australia. Yes, it is true! Oz is your ticket to success, name, and fame. The global community of migrants has realized this, and it is heading straight to the hotspot, in large numbers, and becoming its proud permanent residents.

Benefits of Australian PR

Benefits of Australian PR

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Benefits of Australian PR

Coming back to the key subject and the title of the discussion, there are various benefits that you can achieve by being in the hotspot. Let us see the Benefits of Australian PR!

The nature of stay you can have

If you have Permanent Residency in Oz, then you can stay there in as long as you wish and work there. It depends upon you how long you want to stay and work there.

The allowance of leaving and entering

You can come to and leave Down Under as and when you wish during the initial five years of your stay there. After that, if you meet certain criteria, you can renew that.

Application for citizenship that you can make

This is not instantly available but you can do so. After you have spent certain period of time in the country, you can apply for its citizenship. If the concerned authority finds that you are fulfilling the criteria, then they will be glad to offer you the citizenship.

You can enjoy the same benefits as other citizens

If you are a PR in Oz, then you will be availing the same benefits as other citizens have. You will have the right to have all the legal rights and the nature of subsidized health benefit that other citizens have.

Sponsorship that you can make while you are a PR

While you are a resident, you can sponsor your relatives so that they can migrate to the destination. For sponsoring in this nature, you need to fulfill certain criteria, like having the necessary residency criteria and your financial ability to support the relatives that you are sponsoring.

You can work and stay in New Zealand with this status

If you have the PR status in Oz, you can likewise live, work or study in New Zealand. You have this right but it need to be approved by the Government of New Zealand.


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