Know How Petroleum Engineer can Get PR Visa for Australia

Australia, the Land of Milk and Honey, has always been famous the world over for rich natural resources, picturesque atmosphere, and the availability of rewarding opportunities to earn and thrive in the world. But the famed immigration destination has much more to offer. It’s also offers well-paying and rewarding work opportunities to skilled and ambitious aspirants—especially those who are eager to do very well in their respective fields, such as Engineering.

Talking of Engineering, at the present, qualified Petroleum Engineers are wanted in the country even as  the demand for Petroleum Engineers seems to be more in the nation, vis-à-vis other nations. Since this job involves loads of hard work, and you have to stay away from family for a long period of time, many people may not seem very interested to try their hand out in this profession. It is on account of this trend that Australian authorities have opened up new realms in the movement of skilled Petroleum Engineers to their country.

If you have done Petroleum Engineering, then you have a fair chance to make it to the immigration hotspot. All you need to know is that how the immigration process has to be facilitated, and what will be the work like. Well, both these questions will be answered in the best way in this piece to help you submit an application for your immigration to Australia as a Petroleum Engineer.

In case you want to know how Petroleum Engineers can get PR visa for Australia, then check this article for a comprehensive knowledge. When you are applying as a Petroleum Engineer, then your application will be considered by oil & gas companies operating in the nation. They would grant you sponsorship under Skilled Occupation List (SOL), Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), and Labor Market Testing for 457 visa category.

Your work as a Petroleum Engineer would involve developing tools and machines that would help in the removal of petroleum from sea shores. You will also be asked to operate different software that helps in the operation of machine for petroleum removal. You will also be asked to plan and design the petroleum extraction from different regions that are rich in this mineral.

If you are not so far captivated for being a Petroleum Engineer in Australia, then sample this! At an initial level, you get paid 90,000$-100,000$ as a fresher which can increase considering your experience. So, in nutshell, it is loads of money on the platter.

You can submit an application for migration to this country by opting for the skilled migration visa. This visa category is free from a great deal of obligations but it takes time for processing. At first place you will have to figure-out the most sought after jobs in Oz. You will be able to get hold of that from immigration websites of the country.

You can file for 233612 ANZSCO program for Petroleum Engineers. The Engineers Australia Association will review your application for validation and approval. You will be asked to appear for a test where your skills, years of experience, educational qualification, and English proficiency will be put to test.

Once you make the grade and get accepted for all these parameters, then you can go to the next level in your application. In case you have qualified for this test, then there will be companies from different provinces that would sponsor your movement. You will get sponsored by your employer to move to this country and work there as a trained Petroleum Engineer.

Therefore, if all these while you were wondering to know how as a petroleum engineer you can get PR visa for Australia, then you can follow these processes that are mentioned in the piece for getting your application duly approved. For further inquiries, it is important to contact immigration consultants as they can provide you the best information about immigration to different countries, including Australia.


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