L-1A Visa to US Perfect For Immigration Motivated Managers, Executives

Moving to the US is a dream of 100s of 1000s professionals. Even a short-term experience brightens their CV and helps them stand apart from other professionals. If you ask any expert why they wish to live and work in the US, for sure their list of reasons will be very long.

With more than three million inhabitants, the country worldwide is known as democratic in nature, but very often it is termed as constitutional federal government. With 50 states, a federal district and 5 territories it has a lot to offer.USA Visa

The nation has a rich history, and soon after cold war ended in the early 90s, the US was recognized as the world’s lone Super Power. It continues to enjoy the status even today.

At present, the US holds an influential position on the world map. High standard of living, excellent work environment and numerous rewarding job opportunities, peaceful and immigrant-friendly environment motivate the aspirants to initiate the immigration process at the earliest even if it could be for a short stay.

The reality is not every one wish to permanently settle in the country as they wish to stay connected to their social and family roots. For such professionals, temporary residence permit for the nation is most feasible. It gives them an opportunity to gain international exposure and experience. Besides, they can spend some good time and make new friends.

Specifically, if we talk about managers and executives, they get an easy opportunity to move to the US on L-1A Visa.  The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) structured the visa to easily transfer foreign employees to the US office. In the beginning, depending on the petition, the visa is issued for a period of up to three years which can be extended to two more years.

Broadly, it is temporary in nature. It means it is a non-immigrant category. Using the same, many small and big companies can easily transfer managers and executives any time round the year to join their operational office in the US.

To apply for L-1A Visa to US both employees and the employers have to meet a certain set of eligibility criteria set by the USCIS. If the employer is popular and is a well established name, then it becomes relatively easy to apply for L-1A Visa without completing the lengthy paper documentation.

But, if the employing company is a start up or small, then you must pull up your socks to get through the lengthy paper processing. The complete processing may take anything between 2 and 4 months.

The visa is granted to those also, who come to the country to establish a new office, provided both the employers and the employees meet the set criteria. Once the petition is approved, the visa is initially issued for up to one year which can be further extended.

For such movement, the US employer must file non immigrant petition, i.e., Form I-129. No candidate can file their own petition. First your employer must meet the eligibility criteria. Only after that the eligibility of the employee is considered.



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