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Australia Immigration News

Keeping oneself well informed is highly recommended in today’s fast news and media-driven world. Those who fail to keep a tab are left behind in the race to success. For latest Australia Immigration News visit us at .

Australia Immigration News

Australia Immigration News

Australia Immigration

The country’s thriving economy and unmatched social and economic position in the comity of nations has mesmerized the global migrant community since too long even as the migrants have been moving to the destination in large numbers, for a better future and life there in.

Many potential immigrants, from different backgrounds, have always looked for a suitable opportunity to grab the country’s visa, and hence the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has been offering numerous easy-to-follow visa categories and sub-categories, to suit all kinds of aspirants.

Australia Immigration News

Coming back to the value of information and latest news reports, those, who are keen to shift to the country, must get latest Australia Immigration News. Getting updates is crucial to effortlessly move to the nation under a suitable class. Now let’s check two news reports on the subject!

Recommendation of the Productive Commission to bring changes in the skilled Migration Stream

The country’s ‘Productivity Commission’ has proposed some major changes under the report ‘Migrant intake into Australia’ to the above mentioned stream. The changes are likely to focus on the selection process or selection criteria.

Following are some of the key changes:

Reduce the age limit

The panel of the productivity commission is of the view that under the Skilled Migration Stream the age limit for the permanent residents should be reduced. The present age limit is 50 years. However, applicants with high skills must be exempted from the same. It is also suggested that the young candidates must be awarded more points.

Skilled Occupation List (SOL) must be made a key yardstick

The commission has further recommended that the SOL should be made a key yardstick for deciding the skills required under the various categories for the skilled migration to grant PR. Besides, the SOL must also be considered as a major yardstick for the Temporary Residence Transition Visa.

Singe applicant must be awarded maximum points

It was also recommended that applicants with no dependents at all must be given top priority and must be awarded maximum points.

Extra points must be given for the credentials of secondary applicants

The commission emphasized that the credentials of the secondary candidates must not be ignored. In fact, some extra points must be awarded for the same.

Now let’s have a look on different Australia immigration news!

The Visa Program 457 has undergone major changes, and once the applicant is approved by an Australian employer, the foreign skilled worker can live in the country for up to four years. The change brought to the programme is that now at the end of the four years the tenure the stay period has been extended from 60 to 90 days.


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