Latest Canadian Immigration Structure Superior than Temporary Foreign Worker Program

As it is known by now, Canada has brought the curtains down on its well-known Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Introduced for trained manpower from abroad the scheme enabled recruiters to sign-up foreigners eager to do a job in the nation, for an impermanent period. Allegedly, the program had numerous drawbacks that invited exploitation of overseas employees by their recruiters/firms.

The program has been replaced by Express Entry that becomes officially available from January 1, 2015. The latest scheme is the right answer to nearly every issue that plagued the TSFW scheme. Perhaps, the finest thing about Express Entry is that it opens the door wide open for those workers from out-of-the-nation who have skills, and are eager to work in the overseas immigration hotspot for an indefinite duration.

Recruiters/job-providers are advised not to lose heart about the ending of the TFWP with the reason being the latest immigration plan will offer a bank of qualified as well as unqualified overseas workers keen to arrive in the country for job purposes.

Who can gain from the Canadian Express Entry program? Well, these people can get help from the scheme, namely, trained workers with an offer of employment in the nation, and trained workers even minus an offer of employment in the country.

Canada Express Entry’s object is to provide right jobs to the right employees for working in the Maple Leaf Country. A recruiter in Canada is usually given the permission to appoint a trained worker from abroad, in case any national of Canada, with the necessary skills, is not discovered for the work at hand. The positive thing is that there is no yearly share for such Canada immigration. And, it’s wonderful.


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