Immigration to Latvia–What Attract Migrants?

If you are thinking of migrating to a European Country, then perhaps the beautiful Baltic country of Latvia can be your answer. Located in Northern Europe, it is the largest state among the three Baltic States. Like many other European countries, Latvia also had to suffer during the World War I and II. However, in the early 90s the country started developing its economy, and today it has become a ‘high income country’.

Immigration to Latvia is on its high, 100s of 1000s of people, who aspire to live and work in Europe, are considering Latvia. What attract migrants to the country? Well, geographically it is located in Europe and has a strong developing economy.

It’s a known fact that the Immigration to Latvia has increased like never before. But, let us have an in-depth review of what attract migrants to the country!

With only 1,997,500 inhabitants, the nation joined the European Union (EU) in 2004 and the Schengen Zone in the early 2007 which signifies if you choose to migrate to this nation, you can have an easy access to the EU and the Schengen Zone without acquiring a separate visa.

The country is immigrant-friendly. Unlike other European countries, for migrants the cost of living in Latvia is relatively low here. Besides, the nation’s tax policy is not too rigid, and this makes it much easier for foreigners to live a comfortable life.

Another major factor that attracts a large number of migrants to the country is its flexible programme for those who either wish to invest or to start a business venture abroad. If you have a business plan with enough potential, or have enough support to start, or expand an existing business venture in Europe, then certainly the Latvia’s immigration body will provide you much desired permanent residence.

Latvia has relatively easy immigration rules and procedure, as compared to other European countries. It is less complicated and easy-to-understand. You really do not have to sit in the waiting lounge to get a visa to the beautiful Baltic country.

Migrants do not only get to experience the real European beauty but the country also has some renowned education institutions/universities on its soils. Its degree is not only recognized in the EU and the Schengen Zone but all around the world. Migrants side-by-side get an opportunity to well familiarize themselves with English language–an added advantage if you want to explore other countries as well.

If you continue to live in Latvia abide by its laws then chances are you may become its citizen. A Latvia citizen automatically becomes an EU Citizen, the same status implies to your immediate family members. This also this means that you along with your family members can freely live and work in any part of Europe.

For those who wish to migrate to Latvia, they can apply for a visa depending on their specific requirements. If you wish to work, then you can apply for a Work Visa. Education Visa is a option for those who wish to come to the country for higher studies. Besides, there is also an option of Latvia Temporary Residence Permit and Permanent Residence Permit.


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