Latvia Temporary Resident Permit-An Outline

The well-known and widely favored Latvia Residence Permit is essentially a document which offers an overseas person the right to live in the country for a specific time-frame (Latvia Temporary Resident Permit, LTRP) or on a permanent basis (Permanent Residence Permit).

The permit offers an option to gain admission and leave the nation, get professionally involved, pursue studies, and utilize the medical and administration services, send invites to family-members for the objects of visa. The Latvian Residence Permit enables gaining admission into any nation of the Schengen Zone, minus a permit. Possessing the Residence Permit for Latvia makes it rather easier to get hold of permits to new immigration destinations, such as the UK, and the US.

The Latvia TRP gives the permit holder from out-of-the-country the authority to reside inside the republic, for a pre-decided period. In the type of a visa, the document is pasted onto the migrant’s passport; it reveals the owner’s name and also his surname, in addition to the allocated identity number. The holder is also issued a biometric card, which is used to enter and exit the country.

The visa provides the visitor the authority to squander a longer duration inside the Baltic nation. The proud holder of the visa can enjoy unobstructed stay inside the nation for the period of the permit’s legality. The TRP holders also have unhindered movement rights inside the Schengen nations, and live inside a Schengen country, for a maximum of three months or 90 days. The same also assists the holders make unhampered and free border movements between the European Union (EU) and the non-EU countries.

To put it differently, the TRP for Latvia is meant for the candidates, keen in enjoying an immigration standing that enables them do a business in the country, and also provide every travel-associated advantage in the Schengen area. The options given by the Latvia TRP are rather exclusive as the holder obtains the same, i.e., the visa, via making inert investments in Real Estate or secondary capital/financial instruments of a financial establishment based in the Baltic nation.

Against this backdrop, an aspirant may take the Latvia TRP for doing serious business throughout the entire Schengen and the EU Zone, or just for the object of possessing a permit that offers him travel ease, minus strict conditions, in terms of physical position in the country. The submission procedure for the LTRP is fairly hassle-free even as the processing time is only 30 days or even less–from the date the petition is appropriately filled and presented–complete with every concluded documentation procedures.

Latvian Temporary Residence Permit-Advantages

For the objects of living in the country for over 90 days inside six months. For the aims of moving and staying in the nations of the Schengen Zone for a maximum of three months or 90 days inside six months. Upon getting hold of a Temporary Residence Visa in the country, the investor’s relatives (partner andminor kids) can also attain TRP in the country.

The visa is offered for a period of 5 years with the authority to get hold of the new 5-year Residence Permit, post the term in question. After holding5 years of TRP -and after fulfilling some requirements-one may submit an application for a Permanent Residence Visa. In the aftermath of the expiry of 10 years, one can present a petition for citizenship, and become the citizen of the EU.

Latvian Temporary Residence Permit Legality

The Immigration Department of Latvia makes a decision about the period and issuance of the visa. Normally – in the wake of endorsement – the candidate is proffered a renewable, multiple admission Latvian TRP and it comes with a validity period of 5 years. But, it is crucial that the holder duly renews the same post every 12 months time-frame, and till five years from the initial authorization.

In a situation where the candidate is keen to renew it, it is advisable that the same is done 10 weeks prior to the date of expiration, while the holder is physically present in the country. The aspirant will gain the eligibility to submit a submission for the LPRP, post a stay of 5 years in the immigration hotspot as a Temporary Residence Visa holder.

Needless to say, our experienced and highly skilled Latvian professionals and attorneys can supervise the extension procedure, and help our esteemed customers navigate through the process with ease and comfort.

Obtaining the Latvia TRP using ABHINAV services

We, at Abhinav, strongly believe in offering genuine visa services and support. We assure you that we will offer you the finest of Latvia immigration and visa services, complete with an updated knowledge on the process for gaining Latvian Permit.

With an updated knowledge, genuine and well-prepared certificates/papers, besides world-class counsel–together with the finest of the Latvian legal representatives and advisors as associates-the immigration specialists of Abhinav would make every possible effort to cut-down and weed-out all probabilities of visa rejections.

But what to do in case one’s submission is not entertained!

In case still the petition fails to find acceptance and is dismissed, an appeal would be made against the rejection decision, and every compulsory step would be followed. Our legal representatives would do their best to persuade the Immigration Department of Latvia to proffer the visa on the basis of the applicant’s position.

But in case, the submission is subjected to a negative response even after the same, the candidate would be handed over a Refusal letter duly issued by the Latvian immigration bureaus or the local Embassy. The same will mention the grounds on which the candidate may not have been offered the visa. We would need the letter together with the original refusal letter given by the Latvian Embassy.

Drop in a mail at [email protected], or talk to one of our higher-ranking business analysts to get a crystal-clear picture of our commercial conditions.

Optional Support Services via our Latvian associates for our TRP clients

  1. Services involving procurement and sale of the national firms andproperties.
  2. Assisting with liaison with Latvian administration bureaus, realty groups, service providers comprising the accounting andlaw companies.
  3. Proffering marketing strategy on successful admission into the market of Latvia, and assisting with the preparation of a really good business plan.
  4. Human resource planning comprising taking into service and training.
  5. Learning the national language.
  6. Planning andsupervising events in the nation.
  7. Sketching andsetting-up outsourcings ventures in the country.

Latvia Temporary Resident Permit Options

Up for grabs are three choices for submitting a petition for Latvia TRP:

About Latvia

Located in the northeastern part of Europe with a coastline along  the Baltic Sea, the Republic of Latvia shares its geographical boundaries with the three Baltic nations of Estonia, Belarus, and Lithuania, and also the neighboring Russia. The immigration hotspot has quite robust linguistic and cultural ties with Lithuania to the south, and historical and religious links with Estonia to the north.

The country has a total geographical area of 64589 square miles even as, at the present, its population stands at 2.1 -plus million inhabitants. Significantly, the top global organ ization, i.e., the United Nations (UN), has placed the nation with a “Very High” Human Development Index (HDI).

Riga is the capital of Latvia; it’s the topmost city of all the Baltic States, and houses 30% of Latvia’s entire populace. Riga is a renowned seaport. It’s also a well-known industrial, commercial, cultural and financial hub. The mega city also has the region’s biggest and the most famous international airport.

The national currency of Latvia is Euro. The country’s chief language is Latvian. A remarkable segment of the national populace practices protestant Christianity. But, in the Latgalia, the Roman Catholic followers rule and enjoy majority.

Latvians  are  the  main  ethnic  grouping;  they  are  responsible  for  almost  62%  of  the  country’s  whole  populace.  The  Russians follow  Latvians,  and  they  constitute  just  about  a  little  more  than  one -fourth  (27%)  of  the  total  population.  Belarusian, Ukrainians, Polish, and Lithuanians, etc., are other ethnic groups.


The country’s climate is temperate and humid and mostly impacted by the oceanic weather. Even as summers grip the nation between  the  months  of  June  and  August,  and  the  nation  becomes  unbearably  hot;  winters  invade  the  nation  between December and February. While August is the hottest, January is the nation’s coldest month.


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