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From time immemorial, Canada has been duly attracting a large number of people from across the world to make this place their humble dwelling. So, to further accentuate this unprecedented initiative, the Canadian government is reportedly all set to launch its new program, called Canada Express Entry in 2015.

It is believed that the latest program from Ottawa will help make things look faster and easier when it comes to getting Canadian immigration. However, when so much is being brought into the fore about Express Entry program that the Canadian government is all set to launch from this New Year, it is evident to throw some light and answer the question: what this program actually is and what would be its mathematics?

Under this program, the applicant will be duly asked to declare his education, work experience and qualification to the Canadian embassy. This will help them to assess the eligibility, or otherwise, of the applicants. Under the scheme, the concerned authorities will take into account the information that you have suitably submitted, only to pass it over to other provinces for seeking the right work that fits your share of pie.

So, if you want to get yourself enrolled under this program, then you have to submit an application. Express Entry, the scheme in question, will rank the applicants based upon their skills for helping them make it to Canada. So, their comfort level with English and French, employment experience, and other special factors will always play a rather decisive and crucial role.

The criteria though look simple, honestly speaking; these could get somewhat complex, on account of the rich competition. For instance, Vancouver is considered, rightfully so, the best city for living, on account of its high living standards measures on different factors. So, almost every second person wants to make it to this place. And this makes this competition sound tougher and very challenging.

  • If you are applying for this program, then it is essential that you apply to Canada job bank. As Job bank is basically the platform in this country where candidates can post their credentials for getting jobs in the country. It is a must that you get yourself registered there.
  • The job bank evaluates the right candidates, who are eligible for immigration to this country. To get entry through the unique program, you need to break this barrier. The federal economic programs will assess your eligibility for helping you make it to the Canadian soil.
  • Once the employer in Canada recognizes the true talent of the applicants, and picks those names that are suitable to make it to here, in that case, such applicants will be asked to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) status within 60 days from their selection.
  • Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the candidates will be asked to pass through provincial nomination program to help get access to certain province in the state. These criteria may take six months for completion for making the candidate a permanent citizen of the Maple Leaf Country.

Hence, if you want to get through Express Entry, you need to prepare for:

1. IELTS: It is imperative that you have the right communication skills. Being proficient in English and French is must for the Maple Leaf Country. So, you will have to prepare for this.

2. Credential Assessment: If you have a foreign diploma, then it is not a problem. Under the Federally Skilled Workers Program these diplomas are given equal status in the overseas immigration hotspot, and it will also help you in your job application.

3. Resume letters: Resume and reference letters can help you successfully get through with the program. It will help you get consideration while seeking a job there in the country.

More Information:- http://immigration.net.in/2014/11/08/canada-express-entry-program-2015-for-migrants-begins-jan-2015/



  • prakash

    i am working as continental chef in hotel ,i have worked in different 5 star hotels in bangalore .i have worked for carnival cruise lines usa .now i would like to apply for pr in cannada so please sent me a mail of what has to be done to apply for pr

    • sanam

      Dear Prakash,

      Please note that as on date your profile is not listed for Canadian Immigration. However, for express entry you may qualify kindly send us your profile at [email protected] and we shall guide you further.

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