Learn How to Avail Australia Permanent Residence!

Australia Permanent Residence

Those migrants to Australia are recognized to be the permanent residents in the nation who hold a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) for a living and working in the country for an indefinite period of time. Though such migrants are not counted to be citizens, they have the option of becoming citizens after meeting the requirements. Let’s discuss more about¬†Permanent Residence in Australia.

Australia Permanent Residence

Australia Permanent Residence

Australia PR Benefits

You may leave and enter freely as long as your visa has validity.

Other benefits of Permanent Residence In Australia are inclusive of the Right to public education, right to work, right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand without a visa, right to apply for citizenship, right to sponsor relatives to immigrate to Oz.

Here are steps to get a Australia Permanent Residence Visa!

1. Finding the right visa for you

There are more than 40 Migrant visas in Oz that allows you to live and work in the nation permanently.

Permanent residency that is family based

If you have a permanent resident or a citizen in the nation who is your relative, you can move to the destination. These visas are available to the partners, children, dependent relatives, finances, etc.

Australia Permanent Residency

There are several ways by which you can attain Permanent Residency via the worker category. These migrant worker categories are inclusive of:

When an employer in Oz sponsors a foreign national work in the country.

General skilled migration

For those who are not sponsored by the employers of Oz but has a great skill value in the country.


For the workers who possess specific skills that are required in Down Under.

2. Check whether you have met the requirements!

Once you have chosen the right visa for you, you should be looking at the other requirements for applying. Migration can consume a lot of time and involve a huge money. So, do not apply for a category for which you are not eligible. You can find the eligibility requirements for all on the DIBP website. You can procure more details about the visa categories by browsing the web. It is vital to have a relative, sponsor, a specific amount of money for investment, specific work skills, etc., for getting a visa.

3. Applying for Australian Migrant Visa

After you have found the appropriate visa, you should check if you have met all the eligibility requirements. Applications are available for downloading or applying online at the DIBP website. It is essential to submit the supporting documents along with an application fee in most of the applications. Ensure that the entire application is completed before sending the same.

4. Waiting for a decision

In accordance with the visa you should be applying for and where your processing application is in the queue, many people need to wait for several months or weeks for a decision.

5. Get the Australia PR visa

After the approval of your application, you should receive a migrant visa and start living or working permanently in Down Under. In some cases, you may become eligibile for citizenship.


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