Learn How Australia Points Calculator Works

Australia Points Calculator is basically a mechanism using which the worth of the skilled migrants, keen to move to the country under SkillSelect is judged by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), and a decision is taken whether they can be allowed entry to the hotspot.

Skilled workers from different sectors are most valuable for Australia today as the Australian economy–much like other developed global economies–is largely dependent on it. Down Under is one of the many countries facing serious shortage of skilled workers.Free Assessment form

The Kangaroo Land being one of the most sought after destinations for migration of the skilled workforce is always on the radar of the various kinds of skilled workers. The immigrants are contributing towards the Australian economy and are the ones who possess outstanding skills and technical abilities so that they can add up to growing economy of Australia.

Australia Points Calculator

Australia Points Calculator

As mentioned before, the eligibility worth of the skilled people are calculated through the SkillSelect system using the Australia Points Calculator. It uses various parameters, like age, language proficiency in English, work experience, education, and other adaptability factors.

Australia Points Calculator–Key Parameters for Distribution of Points under SkillSelect


If you are young, you have an edge. The preferred age group to migrate to Australia is 25 years to 32 years which gives you highest points of 30. Then the second most sought after age group is 18 years to 24 years and 33 years to 39 years which would furnish you with 25 points under this category. People aged 40 to 44 years are given 15 points.Check Your Eligibility

English Language Proficiency

The candidates with skills in the language steal a march over others and are preferred. SkillSelect System considers the IELETS or the OET score to graph the candidate on his English language proficiency. The points are distributed as below-

  1. IELTS 6/OET C – 0 points
  2. IELTS 7/OET B – 10 points
  3. IELTS 8/OET A – 20 points

Work Experience

Under this category, you get points under two sub categories, i.e., the overseas work experience and Australian work experience. This work experience is considered only when it is from the past 10 years.

If you have an overseas work experience of 3 to 5 years then you gain 5 points, if you have overseas work experience from 5 to 8 years then you gain 10 points, and if you have overseas work experience of 8 to ten years then you gain 15 points.

Under the Australian work experience, if you have at least 1 year to 3 years of Australian work experience then you gain 5 points, if you have 3 to 5 years of Australian work experience ten you gain 10 points, if you have Australian work experience 5 to 8 years of Australian work experience then you gain 15 points, and if you have 8 to 10 years of Australian work experience the you gain 20 points.


Under this specific category, your level of education gains you some points. If you have gained your master’s degree from any Australian educational institute then you gain 20 points, if you have gained any bachelor’s degree from an Australian university or equivalent then you get 15 points, if you have gained a diploma from a recognized standard then you gain 10 points, and an Australian diploma and trade qualification by Australian educational institute helps you get five points.Click Here

Other factors as stated below can gain you extra 5 points.

  1. A credential in community language,
  2. A study in regional area in Australia,
  3. A qualification in partner skills
  4. A professional year completed with a minimum period of 12 month in last four years.

State Government sponsored candidate gets five extra points and a nomination by a state or territory government or any family member sponsoring you who us residing in Australia will fetch you 10 extra points.

So, this is basically how the Australia Points Calculator functions.


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