Learn How Business Investor Visa for Canada Can Benefit You!

If you are eager to become a permanent resident in one of the finest global economies, employing the investment corridor, and enjoy all that the developed nation has to offer–such as trained manpower and a very strong backing from public & administration–you must opt for Canada, and apply for the Business Investor Visa for Canada.Check Your Eligibility

Regarded as one of the most cost-effective investment places in the entire world, the Maple Leaf Country draws numerous businessmen and investors, rightfully so.  There is no reason why the nation must be on your radar also, right?

Business Investor Visa for Canada

Business Investor Visa for Canada

What makes the nation so hot from the perspectives of doing business and making investments? Well, the easy availability of the numerous businesses–like Agriculture, Information Technology (IT), Petroleum, etc.–make the nation a rather hot place for the go-getting businessmen and investors, keen to use these facilities and resources offered in the country.

Yes, Ottawa provides a great deal of rewarding opportunities to those having the right skill, mettle and funds useful for the development and expansion of the nation’s economy!

Numerous visa classes are up-for-grabs that give you the golden chance for moving to the destination in which, as mentioned before, the Business Investor Visa for Canada is one of the fast-track options for the applicants to obtain the prized Permanent Residency (PR).

Check with your visa and immigration agent to find out more on the subject and also to get the needed direction!Free Assessment form

Coming back to Business Investor Visa for Canada, those with the crucial decision-making experience or having business with the abilities to offer their valuable contribution in the development of the national economy of the country have a higher chance of making the cut and embarking on their business journey.

You have a plethora of attractive possibilities to choose from, to either launch or procure a business in the nation. In case you have zeroed in on any specific Canadian province or territory to reside, you can present a petition under the popular Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) business immigration scheme. You also have the option of presenting a petition under the Quebec Business Immigration Plan.

In case you are eager to make investment in the country, you have three very good choices for the visa:

  1. Business Visa for Investors (Federal and Quebec Investor)
  2. Business Visa for Entrepreneurs
  3. Business Visa for Self-Employment

Let’s check them one by one!

Business Visa for Investors

Key Features

  1. You, as an investor, do not have to launch a business in the country.
  2. Investments are fully guaranteed by the different provinces & territories that take part in the scheme.
  3. The provinces & territories regulate the investment through the 5 year lock-in time-frame.
  4. There is not any immigration terms & conditions slapped upon entry to the Maple Leaf Country.

Key Requirements

The candidate must offer evidence of having a legally acquired net worth of 1, 600, 00 Canadian Dollars.

He must have not less than two years of business experience.

He must have the capability to make a fully refundable investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars.

Business Visa for Entrepreneurs

The specific class offers a great opportunity to the entrepreneurs to bring into existence and expand their business in the nation. You must have experience of business that you possessed or wish to get or establish that will engender not less than 1 incremental employment opportunity. You also require having a legally obtained net worth of not less than 300,000 Canadian Dollars.

Key Features

  1. You get the right to become a Permanent Resident in the country.
  2. You may live and do a job in the nation, minus the requirement for specific employment offer.
  3. While with the Canadian Visit Visa or the Tourist Visa you have several restrictions on you, with this visa there are not any restrictions on the kind of job which you may seek and undertake post landing.
  4. In the wake of becoming a PR in the country and completing 3 years there in, you can present a petition for the much sought after Canadian citizenship, get the Canadian passport, and become a truly global citizen.

Business Visa for Self-employment

Under the plan for the Self-Employed Persons, you may submit an application to get Business or Investor Visa in the country. The same necessitates illustrating any of these applicable experiences.

Self-employment in athletics or cultural activities—when we say “cultural activities” it covers many jobs and careers.

The phrase also comprises “behind the scenes” people.

Participation in athletics or cultural activities at a world-class level—Apart from athletes, this stream also comprises coaches & trainers.

Experience in Farm management–It’s not an easy class to sail through successfully. It is mandatory that you possess substantial experience in farming, and illustrate that you possess the capabilities to succeed in supporting not only yourself but also your family through farming in the Maple Leaf Country.Click Here

If you have not already hired a trustworthy and well experienced Business Investor Visa for Canada Agent, do it at once for a hassle-free visa application process, and also to find-out more on the subject!


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