Learn Process of Immigration to Australia from India, Move Overseas!

It is no secret that Indian migrants,by and large, have a rather strong penchant for Australia, and it is on account of this that they are always looking forward to migrating to Australia. They are always exploring the various avenues for immigration to the widely preferred immigration destination. But then they are not alone as Oz inspires people from all over the world—from China to Chile, from Pakistan to Poland.

When one thinks that why migration to Australia is harboring so much limelight, in that case, take this fact into consideration: Sydney has been voted as the best among the 10 cities across the world that has excellent quality of life. And, if you speak about Melbourne, in that case, it has the best livable standards that entice people from all across the world to come, work and reside in this country.

As job prospects in India are,perhaps,at its nadir, there are vast rewarding and well-paying opportunities waiting to be grabbed in Australia. Hence, many overseas immigration motivated Indians are not willing to let this opportunity go, and they want to know about the process of immigration to Australia from India and get involved with the same.

However, movement is not that simple as one may discover.It is one of the toughest even as you need to score 120 points, for getting your visa duly processed under Skilled Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). At the same time, you need to have relevant experience in the field of profession that you are using to move to this country. There is a skilled occupation list for every country, and for facilitating the movement, it is important that your job profile should fall in the skilled occupation list.

Simultaneously, you can also use the General Skilled Migration Programme (GSMP). At the present, people from all the countries are using this programme to shift to this country, if they are unable to get sponsorship from any employers based in Australia.

Given this–if you are an Indian and you are looking for movement to Australia–in that case, you can effectively use the GSMP to facilitate the movement, and end up living in Oz in future. Under this pioneering and unprecedented programme, innumerable immigrants, who failed to get sponsorship, have been able to move to Australia.

There is no reason why you cannot also easily move using this programme. All you need to do is just submit an Expression of Interest (EoI). It would be prima-facie evidence that you are looking forward for a movement, and accordingly you will be assessed to help make Australia your future home.

In Down Under, there are some 37 skill assessing authorities and everyone has their own version for skill assessment. But, the government has been pretty excited towards dealing with such bodies to ease the movement,and it has recognized some to be the points of single window clearance, for facilitating the movement.

Given this–if you want to move from India and you want to know the process of immigration to Australia from India–in that case, you have to show the EoI, along with your IELTS score, your occupational experience, and if that matches with the skilled occupation list in Australia, then you would have to qualify some eligibilities to move to this country.

You must not be more than 50 years of age, and at the same time–in case you have done your post graduation and you are working–in that case, your degree should justify your work profile. If any police records are against you in your home land, in that case you will be rendered non-eligible for movement to the immigration hotspot.

When you are moving to Australia from India, in that case, make sure that all the things that are mentioned in this piece are met in the best way possible, to prevent your application from meeting a negative fate.


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