List of jobs eliminated from Britain occupation list for skilled workers

Following its proposed immigration policy, UK has removed eight jobs from the shortage occupation list. All in an attempt to raise the skill level of General Tier 2 visa scheme, eight existing skills has been drop down from the shortage occupation list. It was also directed to reduce immigration figure of UK and allow only highly capable workers to migrate to UK. This will result in more than 55 percent reduction in workers migrating to UK under Tier 2 visa.

According to the MAC proposal, there was a need to eliminate some low-skill jobs of occupation shortage list to pore quality migration to the nation. Also it reflects the government objective to elevate the level of skills of General Tier 2 program. It was an aftermath of ongoing reforms in UK immigration policies and to reduce 71 job titles involving low skills from the employment list.

The government is ardent to haul the level of occupation skills of General worker program to fourth rank of National Qualifications Framework. Together with that UK has introduced several changes in rest visa programs such as intra company transfer. Care home managers and nurses employed in care homes were remained exempted from the permanent title elimination. The prime suffered job titles are skilled senior care worker, high integrity pipe welder, skilled meat trimmer and meat boner. The rest job title eliminations will be phased according to policy so that it may not affect labor market all of a sudden.

UK annual job quotas were also diminished to curb increasing population figure of global migrants. Several jobs will anticipate deprivation in annual skilled worker quota like merely five percent quota is allotted for top chef employments under Tier 2 program. The new immigration policy enforces stringent conditions to be followed by chefs like minimum working experience of five years along with 28,260 pounds wage yearly. The situation is going to be dearth as according to reports and study just a little figure of abroad chefs qualifies for the fourth level of NQ Framework.

The proceedings will impact as harsh earning conditions and job consideration in UK. However the UK immigration Department has backed the policy and stated that they are trying to be careful to allow only highly qualified migrants to apply and migrate to the nation. This will bang the labor market drastically as now less than 230,000 labors will be eligible under new requirements of Tier 2 visa. Let’s hope government has some encouraging plans for businesses in UK to fulfill their labor demand.

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