What are Lithuania FAQs?

Lithuania is a former Warsaw pact country that is transforming from the dark ages of communist regime to a liberal market economy, under a democratic set-up. Economy of this nation is among the fastest developing European economies. An increasing number of people are taking interest in this nation’s immigration policy. Many sites are offering replies to the FAQs on Lithuania being put up by the inquisitive immigration seekers.

The frequently put queries can be categorized as general and specific. The general FAQs about Lithuania include questions about

  • Country and Capital city
  • Economic, social and political set-up
  • Whether this nation is the member of EU and Schengen Agreement.
  • Economic situation, employment environment and the prevalent
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    economic conditions.

The immigration queries are more specific in nature. The government has tried to clarify many definitions and address many queries in its law descriptors and official sites.

The specific Lithuania FAQs can be categorized according to needs of the information seeker.

  • People intending to look for employment opportunities
  • The skilled professionals
  • Businessmen
  • General visitors

The frequent questions are about visa types issued by Government of Lithuania and procedures for filing and obtaining visa. The questions focus on:

  • Definitions of long term and temporary resident permit
  • Conditions and cases under which permanent resident permit
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    is granted

  • Eligibilities for obtaining temporary and permanent resident visa
  • Validity period of temporary and permanent resident visa
  • Conditions for the replacement of the permanent visa
  • Conditions for the withdrawal of the permanent resident permit
  • Temporary residence permit issuing authority
  • Processing time for the grant of temporary permit
  • Documents required for the submission for the temporary or permanent resident permits.
  • Documents essential for an EU country national to permanently stay in Lithuania.

The business opportunities are expanding in this former Warsaw pact country. The government run enterprises are being privatized. There is a good infrastructure present in the country in telecommunications, education and transportation which boosts chances of the prospering. The business specific Lithuania Immigration FAQs hover more around visa regulations and business opportunities

  • Procedures and the regulations regarding opening the business
  • Number of foreign employees permitted to work in Limited Liability Company.
  • Minimum capital required set-up a new business
  • Number of shareholders permitted to invest in a company
  • Permissible scope of business in reference to
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    expansion and business travel in rest of the European Union (EU) nations.

  • Regarding taxation in temporary and permanent resident permits
  • Rights of the foreign migrants in respect to acquiring properties, real estate and cars, etc., in Lithuania.
  • Regulations and licenses that need to be fulfilled for establishing a business

Lithuania is fast emerging as a market economy. People are getting aware of its existence and many are aspiring to travel to this nation for different purposes. An increasing number of FAQs are being put across various sites regarding the various visa and regulations of the country.

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