Live and Work in Canada, Apply Under Any of These Programmes!

Live and Work in Canada

Canada is a very developed global economy with many promises. For those who are planning to live and work in Canada, it is the best decision that they can make for a bright and happy future. In the Maple Leaf Country, you can easily find immigrants of different ethnicity and culture. On account of the fusion of the different cultures and ethos, the overseas hotspot is rightly called a ‘land of multiculturalism’.

Live and Work in Canada

Live and Work in Canada

For those who wish to live and work in Canada, the


y can use the much talked about and expansively used Express Entry Programme, as a gateway to move to the exceedingly loved destination. The Express Entry Programme can help you move to the place easily and instantly. After the application, it will take hardly six months to get the visa approved. Yes, it is true! No wonder, Express Entry has revolutionized the entire immigration system for the country.

Movement to the extensively visited overseas destination will happen based on the visas offered under the following programmes:Check Your Eligibility

Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)

Canadian economy is growing thick and fast. On account of a superfluous growth, demand of skilled workers has been felt in different sectors. With the Federal Skilled Workers Programme, the applicants can easily move to the nation, live and work there permanently. After getting a Work Visa under the programme, they can submit an application for the Permanent Residence (PR) status. And, once you have got the PR status, you can seek for the naturalization and get recognized as a Canadian citizen. And you know something—if you get a Canadian Passport, you can cover almost the whole world without a visa or with a visa on arrival. As per the available information, citizens of the Maple Leaf Country can move visa-free or with a visa on arrival to 171 nations & territories in the world.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)

Every year in Canada, some specific trades go in demand. But for such trades, the right resources are not available in the country. In order to fill up the growing hiatus, the IRCC promotes specific Skilled Occupation List. The SOL, or also known as National Occupation List summarizes the specific trades in demand. Workers from different parts of the world, with relevant experience in the trade and a job offer from any two companies in the Maple Leaf Country, can move under the FSTP. The FSTP can allow them to live and work in Canada permanently after getting the PR Visa under the FSTP visa.Click Here

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

For the immigrants who are pursuing higher education from prestigious Canadian Universities, they can use the internship and apprenticeship to submit an application for Canada PR Visa. And, with the help of the PR Visa, they can live and work in Canada for an indefinite period.


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