London Will Curb Right Of Aliens To Contest Immigration Decisions

In a significant development, the British Justice Minister has reportedly made public certain amendments to the national justice arrangement even as the same will allegedly restrict the people’s right to utilize the courts to contest the decisions taken by the national immigration officials.

As per as available reports in this connection, these modifications would become effective from this summer even while it will prevent some persons from seeking judicial review against certain Immigration decisions, and swell the costs of doing so.

According to Chris Grayling–the minister in question—the solicitors involved with the issue of immigration have been employing the said review tool as a shameful delaying ploy, and so he is committed to curb its usage. Apparently, as much as 77% of the judicial reviews are sought in the matters of immigration.

It’s an officially authorized happening and those–who opine that a public organization has indulged in an illegal or wrong decision–may duly file an application to the nation’s High Court, and contest the same. The latter (court) may ask the concerned public organization to suitably re-evaluate its decision, prior to paying damages, if any. Allegedly, Grayling & the involved officials are worried that the volume of the review petitions has been heading north, of late.

Solicitors employing review facility as delaying ploy

The justice minister further said that the solicitors involved with immigration have been making use of the facility of judicial review to inordinately delay the expulsion of their clients even when they may have no practical possibility whatsoever of emerging successful. He continued that the solicitors still file an appeal– as although a petition for review could eventually be unsuccessful–the

same may noticeably delay an extradition. Apparently, the same is thanks to the manner the review modus operandi functions.

UK justice Minister has proclaimed certain improvements to the national justice structure even as the same is likely to curb individuals’ right to contest the decisions taken by the national immigration officials.

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