How to Make Express Entry Immigration to Canada

Express Entry Immigration to Canada

If you are planning to work and live permanently in Canada, making an Express Entry Immigration to Canada will be the best and quickest way to do realize your dreams. Started in January 2015, by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Express Entry Programme is aimed to facilitate the process of migrating to the hotspot and contributing to its economy while living their permanently.

Express Entry Immigration to Canada

Express Entry Immigration to Canada

With the scheme, the entire process gets reduced to six months, post which you can apply for a visa to migrate to the destination. This article is aimed to familiarize you with process of making Express Entry immigration to Canada.

A simple two-step process, you have to start by making an online profile on the official website for the IRCC, post which you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Once you receive it, you can submit your Canada Permanent Residency (PR) application to the IRCC.

It is very significant to clearly outline your goals and purpose of migrating from your home country to the destination, after which the authorities will consider every single aspect of your previous and current life, including your skills, occupation, work experience, personal status, financial stability, etc.

So, if you are determined to gain PR in the Maple Leaf Country, be well prepared in advance.

Every applicant planning to move must be eligible to do so under various programmes, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, Federal Skilled Trades, or the Canadian Express Class–the details of which can be found on the official website and resources of the IRCC.


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