Make Most of Benefits of Immigrating to Canada

Canada immigration comes with several benefits. Canada–the gateway to prosperity–has always inspired the immigrants from across the globe. Millions of people are crossing the borders with the dreams of growing, earning, and living in this wealthy country. Not only have the citizens enjoyed the benefits of free education for their children but also quality health facilities for their family members.

One of the major benefits of immigrating to Canada is that it gives the freedom of shifting along with the parents and children. Migrants can live with their family. Apart from this, it also allows the migrants trouble-free visits to his home country, whenever they wish to.

The government provides first hand help to the unemployed and to those who could be facing financial crises. The right of financial help for their children stands therein. Personnel facing the problem of unemployment are truly served by the Canadian government. In short, the government is helping migrants, in settling down, which fascinates migrants and motivates them to immigrate to the country.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, the nation gives a secured mobility to its citizens.  They are eligible to travel around more than 100 countries, without bothering about Visitor Visa. That can be regarded as a gate pass to many countries.  A migrant who is well settled in the Maple Leaf Country can broaden his horizons to USA, another country, which acts as a strong magnet to the youngsters all over the world.

The rules for Canadian citizenship are very liberal; a migrant who lives for 3 continuous years in the country, stands eligible for its citizenship which is another advantage fueling immigration in the process. Needless to say, they all enjoy same rights and freedom which are enjoyed by the Canadian citizens.

Canada also boasts of multiple tax benefits which are shared by the migrants, his children, and family members. Children are given child tax benefits of around $400 pm, till they attain the age of 18 years, along with an additional $100 per month for a period of 6 years. Till the class 11, the child study is absolutely free, even as higher studies are supported financially.

Life is quite comfortable there with less tension of looking after the family and dependents. Enhanced earnings which are the main reason of migration are well handled in the country and are amongst one of the many advantages of Canada immigration.

Various grants offered by the government help the migrant to get successfully established in the nation. Ottawa tries to give employment to everyone and work to every hand. Besides education, housing, and job facility, residency in Canada offers many health and medical services, free of cost. Both the partners are entitled to get fully paid one year maternity leave mutually shared by both.


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