It Makes Sense to Migrate to Canada under Express Entry

Migrate to Canada

Do you know that it makes a great deal of practical sense to Migrate to Canada under Express Entry? This new and speedy immigration selection system run by the nation, strives for making the procedure quicker and simpler for the Canadian employers, for hiring qualified labour force, from across the globe.

Migrate to Canada

Migrate to Canada

Express Entry procedure is basically a two-step procedure:

  1. Potential candidates express interest for immigrating to the country

Applicants for Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation from across the globe need to express an interest for immigrating to the country. They can do by the creation of an online profile. They proffer information and details about the work experience, skills, education, language ability, etc. If a candidate does not possess a valid job offer from a provincial nomination or Canadian employer, he should register with the Canada Job Bank which will help him in connecting with other employers in the country. Eligible applicants may enter the Express Entry Pool by following the procedure.

  1. Government chooses applicants from the Express Entry Pool

Canadian employers are capable of browsing the profiles of the potential applicants. Each of the profile is pre-screened by the government in regards to the eligibility for immigrating. Employers can link to the applicants and give a qualifying job offer. Applicants, who procure an offer, are offered additional points. These points play an indispensable role in enhancing the chances of availing an ITA or the Invitation to Apply for PR in the nation. If an applicant procures an ITA, he will have a time period of 90 days for the submission of an electronic application for PR. The Canadian Government processes the applications within a time span of six months from the date of submission.

Applicants need to make sure that they complete all the required forms and submit the supporting documents within the given span of time. On the completion of the process, successful candidates, along with their dependents, will land in the Maple Leaf Country as the proud permanent residents. The profiles of candidates present in the pool will be updated as every profile is legally valid only for a time period of 12 months. Every applicant is recognized to be a skilled worker who has undergone extensive efforts for expressing an interest in immigrating to the country.

Role of Canadian Employers in the Express Entry Programme

Their role has improved under the Express Entry. Applicants in the Express Entry pool have the opportunity to raise the chances of being invited for applying by the promotion of themselves to the employers directly, via the Canada Job Banks and other similar means. Along with Canadian provinces and Federal Government, Canadian employers are capable of choosing the applicants who have expressed an interest in immigrating to the overseas hotspot. Canadian employers are not obligated to pay any fees for processing the immigration of an applicant.


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