Manitoba for Global Investors – What Makes The Area So Appealing?

Manitoba for Global Investors

The best Canadian province is Manitoba for global investors and businessmen even while it welcomes migrants from across the world. Loaded with excellent natural resources, educated and experienced people, perfect manufacturing grounds, Manitoba possess all the virtues that a global investor can look forward to establish and run his business overseas.

Manitoba for Global Investors

Manitoba for Global Investors

Manitoba for Global Investors

There are ample reasons to believe that the province has always served as a second home to such investors and businessmen. Following are just some of the reasons that make the region very hot for the investors and businessmen:

  • Diversified Economy–Canada’s economy is said to be the most diversified and stable, hence providing a strong background to investors.
  • Reasonable tax rates– With the sole aim of helping applicants with rewarding investment opportunities, tax rates, credits and price of manufacturing units are kept at lower costs. Manitoba also fosters affordable housing to the new comers.
  • Remarkable investment growth–The province is one of the regions that have experienced investment growth in the past 20 years.
  • Increased investments–In the last 5 years, capital investment has almost doubled in the area. This entices global investors to land in the province and enjoys its benefits.
  • Investment in equipment and machinery–During the last 5 years, constant increase has been made in the manufacturing equipment that has resulted in productivity gains.
  • Enhanced research facilities–The province has very active foundation for researches in agriculture foods, communication, and biotechnology.
  • Lower electricity costs–When we compare the electricity charges in Manitoba to other areas, we find that here these are significantly lower.
  • Open market–By providing corridor to 100 million people through the mid-continent trade, the province lays strong foundation of expansion and growth. With more visitors, it is surely winning the confidence of the residents.
  • Minimum transportation charges–In any business, transportation is the main link that supports the buying and selling. The province has the least transportation charges, thus fostering speedy and economical delivery of products to the points of sale.
  • Highly educated workforce–Manitoba consists of 3 colleges and 5 universities along with multiple vocational and technical schools that are able to produce educated workforce. Recent studies prove that around 57% Manitobans has grabbed university degrees, diplomas and trade certificates.
  • Low rates–The lower employee rates are good enough to provide an edge over the competition.

These are some of the benefits that the Manitoba presents to the investors and others, but some certain government relaxations are also provided to the migrants so that they flourish in the province and manage their investments smartly. There are certain tax credits that are given to the businessmen and investors, like Manitoba manufacturing investment tax and Manitoba research and development tax credit.

Moreover, there is data processing investment tax and small business venture capital tax that is provided so that they can successfully establish a firm in the province and run it three in. With these exclusive grants and relaxation, the province is no wonder looked with high expectations by the global investors and businessmen.

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