Opting for Materials Engineer Occupation in Australia? Know Something Essential

Are you applying for Skilled Migration visa?  If your answer is yes, then while applying for your skilled occupation visa, you have to nominate an occupation mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List.

To qualify for most of the General Skilled Migration visas, you will have to fulfill the requirements for skilled occupations. You must have the skills or qualifications of an occupation mentioned in the list of Skilled Occupations.

The Skilled Occupation List includes the occupations in alphabetical order with their title in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations dictionary.

In the latest skilled occupation list of Australia, materials engineer is included among the most popular engineering professions of the country. Doing investigation on metals, ceramics, polymers and other materials along with assessment and development of their engineering and commercial applications are their main job responsibilities.

To apply for this skilled occupation, the applicants must have a level of skill equal to a bachelor degree or higher skills. But, minimum 5 years of relevant experience may substitute the need for this formal qualification. However, in some instances, the experience in the relevant field or on-the-job training may require along with the formal qualification.

Here, have to mention that for each occupation, information on the skill level is constant with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). However, it may vary from the requirements decided by the assessing authorities. To check with the requirements, you can contact the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

While applying as a skilled migrant to Australia, before your migration process starts, you have to go through a skills assessment program by the appropriate national assessment authority. The Australian Institute of Medical Scientists is the relevant assessment authority for materials engineer occupation.

In many Australian skilled occupations, the applicants must be registered with or get a license from a local body in the state where the applicants want to practice their occupation. By contacting the local authority of the relevant state, the applicants can enquire about the requirements of licensing or registration.

By becoming a member of a relevant industry association, the applicants can get the benefits for their occupation. This can provide with the necessary help to the applicants with their employment projection, networking, industry contact and professional development.

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