Migrants Flourishing across Western Canadian Provinces: Statistics Canada

A recent report brought out by Statistics Canada–the national federal administration organization charged with creating data to assist identify with the country, its populace, economy, assets, culture, etc., in a much improved manner–reveals that the migrants to the Maple Country are presently enjoying much success and doing quite well across the Western provinces, such as Alberta.

The report adds that overseas visitors to the nation are doing nicely especially in the domain of services and works. Actually, during 2011, the Canadian region of Alberta boasted of the best possible rate of employment for the migrants—better than even the local manpower. Further, even as the recent world economic meltdown affected all nationals of Canada and the migrants, the latter were comparatively less affected across the Western Canadian provinces.

The said report continues that during 2011 over 50% of the migrant employment development & growth took place across the regions of the British Columbia (BC) and the Prairies, and that the Manitoba immigrants have a rate of unemployment of only 6%. Further, the growth of employment amongst the recent migrants has increased by 100% from 2008 to 2011 throughout the Saskatchewan region.

The report further says that employment amongst the immigrants from the nucleus of the working age, between 25 and 54, headed north significantly during 2011 after a lukewarm recovery a year before, during 2010. The same propelled their rate of unemployment down 1.1 percentage points to 8.4%, even as their rate of employment increased to become as much as 75.6%. Simultaneously, the rate of employment for the local people swelled 0.5 percentage points to 82.9%.

At the present, although migrants in the Maple Country embrace 67% of the growth of the populace, the same is likely to comprise as much as 80% of the augmentation of the populace by 2031.

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