Want to Migrate to Australia? Check out Australia PR Requirements!

Australia PR Requirements

The desire to move overseas, for a better and improved life, is something which much inspires many people, especially if the targeted destination happens to be Australia. So much has been written about this amazing nation that most would-be migrants wish to get its Permanent Residency (PR) and eventually its citizenship. Let’s talk about Australia PR Requirements in deep.

Australia PR Requirements

Australia PR Requirements

In you happen to be one such aspirant you will surely not mind reading this article–the subject of which is, well, Australia and its PR requirements.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia–the organization responsible for running and managing the visa and immigration affairs for the country–has enlisted minimum requirements, as part of the immigration process, for moving to the nation and obtaining PR there in.

Basically, there are some parameters on which every individual’s application is judged and given points. Obviously, those with higher points have more chances of obtaining a PR in Australia rather easily.

If you are wondering, this article, as mentioned before, will talk about the requirements which you can understand better, to get a step closer to living and working in the much loved overseas immigration hotspot on a permanent basis.

Every applicant requires a minimum score of 60 points on the Point Based system. The parameters on which you will be judged are –

1) Age

2) Skill

3) Work Experience

4) Language Proficiency

5) Educational Qualifications

6) Partner Skill Qualifications

7) Nomination by State or Territory

8) Nomination by Eligible Family Member

Apart from knowing about these parameters, it is important to also learn about the different visa categories as well. The DIBP enlists the following three visa subclasses –

1) Skilled Independent (subclass 189)

2) Skilled Sponsored (subclass 190)

3) Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 489)

Too much of the information can be a bit too much for some readers. Thus, to simplify the process for your understanding, we present an example below! Let’s suppose an applicant is between the age of 25 and 32 years with a proficiency in English language and a total work experience of three to five years. Let’s assume that this person has a skill which is mentioned in the ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL). Now in this case, he will get 30 points for age, 10 points for language proficiency and 10 points for his work experience and skills. Furthermore, if this person obtains an educational degree, like a bachelor or doctorate from Oz, he can receive additional 10-15 points for the same.

Thus, there are many different pathways and their respective Australia PR requirements. What’s crucial is to get yourself familiar with the latest guidelines and regulations before starting with the application process.


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