Migrate to Australia via 491 class-based state nominations

With the replacement of 489 visa with the new skilled regional visa 491, it has become easier to migrate to Australia as it enables skilled workers as well as their families to live, work or study in the regional area of Australia for up to 5 years, thus providing permanent residency, only after three years of residing there for a temporary basis. To move to Australia via this visa subclass there are two streams namely the family sponsored and state nominated.

For being able to apply for family sponsored visa, you will be required to be sponsored by a family member or a relative who is ready to sponsor you. Also, your occupation must be present on the on the Medium- and Long-Term Skilled Shortage List (MLTSSL). For this, you will be required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), wherein you are invited in the invitation round that takes place every month, that are not just competitive but are based on the points you manage to secure in the points test.

This state nominated visa is considered much easier and simpler to apply owing to the fact that there is a presence of a longer list of occupations that are available on the updated Australia occupation list, from which you can choose from as per their demand and requirement in that specific Australian region or territory, for which you need minimum points, to even receive the invitation for permanent residence.

To be able to apply in this stream you will still be required to submit an EOI, but the nominations will be sent out as soon as the Australian state or territory approves the nomination of the candidate. And when deciding whether or not to nominate the interested aspirant, the state or region keeps in mind, as to whether the individual is meeting their criteria for selection that can vary as per the requirement of our skills and expertise to fill in the labor gap, that is being felt in the province, due to an eventual lack of skilled worker in that respective field. And, this differs from every state to state, and their existing labor demands.

To start, the candidate but firstly be able to showcase that they have their choice of occupation, (attached with work experience) on the relevant state or territory Australia occupation list, and be able to prove that they have a genuine intention to live and economically establish themselves in the Australian state or territory.

These State and territory agencies offer varied ‘streams’ and generally concentrate on onshore skilled applicants, offshore skilled applicants, and recent tertiary graduates.

For help and assistance regarding Australia permanent residence via state nomination, you can avail our trusted and high-quality Australian immigration services.


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