Migrate To Canada With Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme

In the year 2014, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), then known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), introduced a new programme termed as “Expression of Interest “ or also known as “Express Entry”.

The programme has been lauded as an exceptional one to help immigrants to move to the overseas hotspot, but it is different from the Immigrant Nominee Programme (INP), and this programme is completely autonomous even as it follows its own specific procedures to help streamline the movement of the immigrants.

In this piece, as an immigrant and seeker of information, you will come across two different programmes—The Express Entry and Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP). Both these specific programmes would be discussed in details and you will come to know the efficiency and the contribution that these two programs are making towards developing and defining the Maple Leaf Country in the best way possible.

Let’s start with the Express Entry programme and then readers will come to know about the SINP.

The “Expression of Interest” or “Express Entry” a better known term paves the way to the immigration through three broad categories evaluating the movement. The programme evaluates and refines the best possible applicants from the Express Entry pool and places them in respective list.

  1. The Federal Skilled Workers Programme
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme
  3. Canadian Experience Class

In the first category, the immigrants are evaluated based on the skill that they possess and they are picked according to the National Occupation List (NOC). So, the best applicants would be chosen and placed in the respective list. The second category deals with those individuals who have exceptional skills in trade and business and accordingly they are given the right visas to move to Canada.

But the evaluation process is extremely challenging considering relevant experience, good language proficiency, adaptability and educational qualification. Once you are able to do that, you will be given the chance to move.

The same goes with the Canadian Experience Class and the applicants are required to show prior working experience in the nation and then they would be given the chance to move. In the Express Entry, the competition is pretty tough but the Immigrant Nominee Programme (INP) is completely different and considers those jobs that are facing a dearth in the labor. It is free from the Express Entry procedures and the provinces have their own autonomy to change the SOL. So, the list may change with respective provinces.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme

Let’s take a look at the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme!

If you are not looking forward to go through all the complexities, you can have an alternate gateway but it is entirely dependent on the province to sponsor you. So, you cannot take it as a way to move to the nation as a voluntary source. However, the INP has been pretty successful. Under the SINP, the province would nominate those individuals who have been carrying the experience and quality to help meet with the needs of the province.

The SINP is based on three different requirements:

  • The applicant selection process is extremely based on the economic and labor needs.
  • It is also dependent on the competitive application processing time.
  • Provincial immigration officers who can provide customer support.

The SINP works based on the International Skilled Worker Category and under that the Saskatchewan province immigration, they can move as per the demand put forth by Saskatchewan Province.

Saskatchewan Experience Category

It has been meant for those individuals who have been working in the province and they are able to get the movement streamlined.

Entrepreneur and Farm Category

It is basically for those individuals who have exceptional entrepreneurial talent and they have been able to show exceptional talent in the field that can bring economic and social benefits to the province. It is based on these requirements that the immigration can happen.

For more details, you can look forward to immigration attorneys to help you.


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