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Canada is the world’s second largest country by total area. There are two type of immigration program temporary and permanent. Under each program there are several subcategories. If you need to know, how to Migrate to Canada then you should gain information about all the policies and program under which you can apply for Canada Immigration Visa.

Temporary visa are of following types:-

  • Visitor visa
  • Student visa
  • Work visa
  • Live-in care taker visa
  • Visa for spouse

Permanent Resident visas are of following types:-

  • Investor and business Immigrants
  • Permanent resident visa for skilled professionals
  • Family class

All the visa categories have some basic eligibility requirements and additional specific requirements. The basic eligibility criteria include clean police record, knowledge of English or other local language, etc. specific eligibility requirements are separate for each program.

Visitor visa is for pleasure and recreational purposes. People from some countries do not need visitor visa to visit Canada for certain duration. Student visa is for those who want to enter and live in Canada for educational purpose.  For student visa foreign students must take admission in one of the University of his/her choice. After that he/she should apply for student visa approval.

For work permit applicant must get a job offer from any company and then apply for work visa approval. The employer must apply to the HRDC (human resources development Canada) for labor certification. In some cases labor certification is not required.

To apply under entrepreneur program an individual needs particular amount of net asset value. He or she must have experience in managerial sector. He/she must have a viable business plan and provide employment to Canadian citizens. This category is currently suspended and may be opened up – in revised form – towards end of 2012.

Family class program is another kind permanent visa. Citizen or resident of Canada can sponsor their family members. Family members include spouse, dependent children below the age 18 and parents.

Decision of selecting the program under which one needs to applies answers the question How to migrate to Canada? After selecting the program, applicant should read the documents very carefully and fulfill the eligibility criteria. All this will lead to visa approval and entry and stay in Canada.

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  • Ravi chawla

    hello.. my name is ravi chawla i am 28yrs old. i have copleted ITI WELDER (G&E) in 2001 and i have also completed act apprentship in INDIAN RAILWAYS WORKSHOP…DMW patiala PUNJAB in 2004-05. now m the permanent Government employee as welder of INDIAN RAILWAY WORSHOP in DMW patiala PUNJAB since november 2007 nd still continue..my education qualification M.A..now i want a job of welder in canada or australia..if i fulfil all the requirements of Canada or Australian immigration. I know evrthing about my field

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