Migration to Canada from India Not Complex

India is the highest source of immigrants for Canada. If migration to Canada from India is not an easy cakewalk, it is also not a difficult task. Both India and Canada share bilateral friendly relationship. As per a report, around 3% of the total Canadian population consists of Indians.

As compared to Indian lifestyle, the Maple Leaf Country offers high standard of living and better job prospects. Canada is proud to share a status of being a liberal country, and becoming its permanent or temporary resident is relatively easy, as compared to any European country, say the UK.Canada Immigration Consultants

At the same time, Canada also offers better job opportunities and has a relatively lucrative and competitive job market for foreign professionals, like Indians, who are doing extremely well in various sectors such as IT, engineering, medical and communication.

There are numerous political as well as cultural differences between both the countries but there are certain similarities as well. And if you are thinking of migration to Canada from India, then you must have a deep understanding about the same.

Following are certain similarities between these two nations:

  • Both are among the largest countries in the world.
  • Prime minister is the head of the state of both the nations.
  • Both the nations practice democracy.
  • Education system is more or less similar.
  • Cultural of both the nations is diverse and freedom of practice of any religion is given.

If you wish to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country, then you have a strong chance to be selected through ‘Express Entry’–a point based system introduced in 2015. Applicants will be selected on the basis of following factors: Experience, education, proficiency in any of the two official languages, i.e., English or French, age, and adaptability.

Besides the Express Entry, there are several other pathways for business professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and students as well. Each category has certain parameter to be meeting by the applicants, and the time processing under each category varies depending on the applicants’ profile.

Following are the important steps when you are thinking of migration to the Land of Milk and Honey:

  • Choose the immigration category based on your particular needs, credentials and circumstances.
  • Apply for online assessment–just to ensure you are eligible to migrate under the desire category.
  • Submit the complete visa application with all the supporting documents.

So if you are eager to migrate to the Land of Milk and Honey, you must start preparing from today itself. All the relevant information is available on the official website of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If you wish, you can consult a Canada immigration consultant and through them you will get complete information on Canada immigration instantly.

The Canadian High Commission is based in New Delhi–the capital city of India. If you have any query, or you wish to have a better understanding of the Canada immigration from India, then you can easily contact a consulate at the Canadian High Commission at any working day.

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  • imran kahn

    I have done 4 year diploma in mach.engg. tool&die. how can i get PR to canada provinces like manitoba,monteral etc.i want to go throgh study visa.but i have not much money.and someone tells me that i can go through work experiance.pls tell me the safer and easier way to go to canada.

    pls reply
    thank you.

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