Mining Engineers Looking For Canada Immigration

NOC – 2143 Mining Engineers find opportunities in Maple country to work as

  • Mine designing engineer
  • Mine developing engineer
  • Mine layout engineer
  • Mine production engineer
  • Mine safety engineer
  • Mine ventilation engineer
  • Mineral engineer
  • Mining engineer

Economy of Canada is one of those few major exporters of energy. On top of that, this North American possesses expansive offshore oil and gas reserves. Besides natural oil and gas, this country also is a leading extractor of minerals and metals like zinc, gold, nickel, aluminum and lead.

There are various states that have been blessed with abundance of naturally occurring minerals and substances and these natural resources also contribute to the prosperity of regions. The Canadian that have negligible agriculture, thrive on extraction of of these natural resources.

The people specializing in mining

  • Lay down, draw and establish procedures and processes and oversee the procedures of developing mines and mining facilities, apparatus
  • Envisage and define processes for extracting metals and non metal substances from underground resources.

Mining Engineers – 2143 have an abundance of opportunities at their disposal in various Canadian agencies in business of mining and related tasks and can find appropriate jobs in mining agencies, mining consultancies and establishments, producers, state agencies, in R&D and academic establishments.


A typical employment profile of NOC – 2143 Mining Engineers in Canada includes

  • Execute functions related to start up analysis and evaluation of ore, mineral or coal reserves
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    to assess economic and ecological viability for prospective mining

  • Ascertaining
    • Suitable methods of efficient and safe extraction of mine reserves
    • Suggest on suitable drilling and blasting methods to mine, construct and demolish
  • Design, conceptualize and execute
  • Construction of shafts, ventilators, mining services and transportation equipment and support erections
  • Computer based aids and software for mining, designing and mine model fabrication, mapping or for controlling and supervising mining circumstances
  • Conceptualize and ascertain
    • Mining apparatus and machines and mineral process machines and apparatus in coordination with other engineering professionals
    • Monitoring routines for functional aspects and expansion of mine areas and mining structures and operational aspects and maintenance of mines
  • Draw and prepare functional aspects and projections, time tables and reports
  • Perform, monitor and synchronize
    • Mine safety procedures and processes
    • Operations of technical workforce and other engineering and scientific professionals

To qualify for Canada Immigration as Mining Engineers 2143, you must have

  • A graduate in mining engineering or a relevant discipline
  • In certain positions a Masters in relevant subjects is also deemed essential
  • Compulsory approval from a state or regional level agency of professional engineers for working as a mining engineer etc.

In the current avatar, it is essential for the migration enthusiasts to get their academic accomplishments evaluated from a designated independent Canadian credential assessment body. This assessment is pivotal step in FSW, the Canadian skills migration scheme. By submitting your documents to an assessment, you would be able to get essential scores in the critical mark based profile analysis process. It is important for you to attain a minimum score of atleast 67 marks.

Besides the assessment process, you must also substantiate your linguistic skills as being at par with CLB / NNCLC 7 in either of the official languages of Canada i.e. English or French.

Mining Engineers Looking For Canada Immigration still have good chances of making it successfully to the Maple country under the FSW 2013- 2014 program as there are still some slots available for the qualified people. You can speed up process by seeking assistance and guidance of proven experts

There is some good news for Mining Engineers Looking for Canada Immigration as there are still some slots available for the qualified migration enthusiasts. You could reserve a slot by seeking assistance and support of some proven Canadian migration experts. You need to be appropriately qualified for skills migration and also have sufficient language compatibility.


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