Motivated with Immigration to Denmark (Green Card Scheme)? What You Need to Know!

Being crowned as the ‘Happiest Country in the World’, Denmark has already gained the popularity among prospective immigrants. The Nordic country enjoys the title of being the top immigration destination in Europe. The Northern- European country is well known for its rich culture and high standard of living.

The beautiful picturesque nation has a lot to offer to those who wish to immigrate to it and its thriving economy attracts many. If you are one of those who think of Denmark Immigration, then you may like to consider Green Card Scheme.

Danish Green Card Scheme–A brief Introduction

Danish Green Card provides an excellent opportunity to those who want to start afresh in the nation. It is a point based scheme and if you score at-least 100 points, you are granted a visa to live and work in the immigration hotspot. Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of their experience, skills, education, age, and language proficiency. The Green Card Scheme draws 100s of 1000s of immigrants as they can successfully bring along their family members along with them.

Apart from scoring 100 points, the other major requirement is that applicant must have enough capital to prove that he is financially capable of supporting himself and his dependents while he searches for an opportunity in Denmark. The primary applicant should have an insurance cover.

The scheme is quite popular among the non-European immigrants. In the beginning, a visa is issued to potential applicant for a period of two years which can be further extended at the end of the first phase. In case a candidate meets the eligibility criteria, it is possible that he will be granted a visa in 6 to 12 months time. As soon as the applicant is recruited by a Danish employer, he receives a work permit to work in the nation.

Green Card Scheme–Key Features

  • Initially an applicant is granted a visa for two years. Before the validity of the visa expires, you may apply for an extension of three years.
  • In case you have been granted a residence permit, during the stay of your first year, it is required to earn at-least DKK 50,000. The Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment is authorized to keep a check on your earnings. If you fail to earn the minimum amount, you may lose your permit.
  • If you have lived on a residence permit for a minimum of five years, you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence (PR).
  • In case you have successfully lived in the country for not less than nine years, you become eligible to apply for Danish Citizenship.
  • Your family members and children below the age group of 18 are eligible to enjoy a similar status.

Remember: the opportunities for potential applicants are ample and the ‘Happiest Country in the World’ is on a look out for potential applicants who are capable of contributing towards the national economic growth. Coming back to the Green Card Scheme, the country values skilled professionals, and it provides several rewarding opportunities to them to live and work on its soils.



  • Suadrson raj

    I am an MBA graduate with 7 years of experience in HR. My wife is also MBA graduate.
    I have WES report on my MBA & IELTS overall 5.5 (L-5.5, R- 5, W-6, S-6).
    Am i eligible to apply for Denmark Green card.

  • Amit Kumar Saha

    I mean family immigration -me and my wife and (If I have children).So may I go to Denmark with my wife all together by green card scheme.Or what process me and my wife go to Denmark all together?

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Amit,
      Thanks for the comment.For Denmark in the initial stage only you can go and after you reach there you can sponsor your family.For further details please forward your resume at [email protected] .We shall definitely give you the best option.

  • Amit Kumar Saha

    My father is a retired teacher.He is a graduate. My mother is a housewife.She is below graduate.My wife is a service holder.She is an M.Sc in Chemistry.Can I take them with me, if I get Green Card immigration to Denmark?Please reply me.

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Amit,
      Thanks for the comment.In the initial stage you need to go there alone and after you settle down there you can sponsor your wife and children.

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