A brief of new changes in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada immigration has introduced certain changes in its Federal Skilled Worker program (FSWP) and a statement mentioning the changes finally revealed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney has already made an announcement for the suspension of FSWP and made it clear that he is anxious to make the program more transparent, fast and flexible and wish to ensure in-time processing for future applicants.

In addition, he also said that the new changes is purely focused on

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the needs of Canada economy and uphold country’s humanitarian commitments. CIC has finally come up with a clear explanation of the recent changes, where it has spotted three major problems and emphasized on the need to rectify the same.

a) CIC has spotted many candidates who are neither able to speak English nor French. Such candidates have been found less efficient and performed poorly in the economic growth. Considering this, CIC has decided to grant approval under the FSWP only to those candidates who are able to prove their proficiency either in one or both –English and French- languages.

b) CIC has also advocated for a scheme for foreign qualification assessment after finding many Canadian employers who are not able to assess the qualification and merit of the applicants. As of the scheme, the foreign qualification will be assessed by an independent assessor who will compare the worth of the applicant’s qualification with same Canadian qualification.

c) After observing the older immigrants who are to be retired soon, CIC has favored to alter the assessment criteria for the said program and captivate young immigrants.

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