Indian Nationals will benefit from the New Immigration Rules of Australia

The latest Australian immigration programme which started on July 1 is basically a move from the previous Migration Occupations in Demand List to the introduction of a New List of Skilled Occupations.

According to a report, this latest list of skilled occupations will put more emphasis on the economic realities of the country. It will highly focus on attracting a large number of overseas skilled immigrants. Skills Australia is an independent body which will develop and address the specific needs of the regional labour markets of the country.

This new policy of immigration will focus on certain skills like higher qualifications and better English language through their points-based test. In this latest policy of immigration, the age limit of the unsponsored applicants has extended from 45 to 50 with required qualifications and experience.

The best thing about this new policy is that now the government of Australia will approve the educational degrees and work experience from reputed colleges and universities even outside the country.

It is said that this new immigration program will attract more Indian students to Australia who are seeking overseas immigration. With the introduction of new points test system along with the latest skilled occupations list, now the applications from the Indian students applying for permanent residence visa would be assessed on a larger scale.

Its main focuses are on the qualifications attained in Australia and other overseas countries, better targeted age range and skilled employment in broader level. Moreover, studying in Australia will provide bonus points to the students.

From July 1 next year, the new list of skilled occupations will be implemented. It is more generic and simpler than the previous one. Australia will very shortly introduce an online self-assessment program followed by an expression of interest. A centralized registry system will also be created which will store all the information about the applicants and whenever there will be any need for skilled workers in the country, the deserving applicants will be invited.

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