Fill your dream to be a New Zealand’s Citizen

In New Zealand the citizenship is different from residence. If you are a resident of New Zealand it doesn’t mean that you are a citizen of New Zealand. You can apply for New Zealand citizenship after residing for certain time duration in the country.

As the rules and regulation keeps changing the latest rules for New Zealand citizenship came in to effect in the year 2005. According to it you may have to legally reside in New Zealand for three to five years. Residence visa provides you the permission to live in the country indefinitely and travel across the country. While the permission of travelling on New Zealand’s passport is possible only after getting New Zealand’s citizenship.

New Zealand citizenship also gives you the permission to work in some public service or to represent New Zealand in any international game like Olympic. The fundamental requirements to be a citizen of New Zealand are

  • Intention of living permanently in the country
  • Reasonable knowledge of English language
  • Good character
  • Five year residency in the country
  • Understand the responsibility and duties of a good citizen
  • Physical presence of the applicant in the country for minimum of one thousand, three hundred and fifty days

The residency duration is five years for all the applicants applying after April 2010. The children born in the country is considered to be a New Zealand citizen if one of his/her parents is permanent residence or citizen of New Zealand.

Applicants under the age of sixteen must apply under consent of one of his/her parent or guardian. Applicants under the age of fourteen are also required to follow the eligibility criteria of English language, character and knowledge requirements. Successful applicants are supposed to attend a public citizenship ceremony.

The public citizenship ceremony is a ceremony in which the citizens take oath loyalty to the nation. After attaining New Zealand citizenship you can visit other countries using your New Zealand passport. Reduction in the time period of permanent residence can be obtained only in case of exceptional circumstances, that too only for four hundred and fifty days.

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