New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Government Application Fee

New Zealand is one of the best places to do business as according to recent surveys it is the country with freest economy. As mostly skilled people of the country fly to other countries it leaves open opportunities for the people from other Asian and European countries. People form these countries are recognizing the opportunities which has resulted in to increased number of Asian immigrants especially from China, Japan, Taiwan, India and Hong Kong.

A good businessman always wants the freedom to work accordingly and a place with good economy. New Zealand offers both which results into desire of establishing business in the country. Doing business in New Zealand requires you to fulfil some criterion which includes meeting health and character requirements, knowledge of English language and submission of New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Government Application Fee.

The New Zealand Entrepreneur visa application fee is NZ $ 2, 600. Applicants have to submit this amount with the visa application form. This is a non-refundable amount. Other than the minimum investment applicant also has to budget his/ her maintenance expenses along with the dependents. While deciding maintenance expenses, an applicant should consider few basic factors like number of dependents and their lifestyle. This helps to estimate more accurate maintenance budget. Apart from that applicant has to submit other relevant documents as well.

The investment is non-refundable and the process is time taking. It might take three to six months for the whole process to work out. It is recommended to consult a New Zealand Immigration Expert for all kind of help and enquiry. These consultants are experienced and they know the usual silly mistakes an applicant might commit during the process. An immigration consultant can eliminate such small and big mistakes and can make the process faster along with improving the probability of visa approval.

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