Starting Business in New Zealand using Long term business visa (LTBV)

Starting is business on large scale is not an affordable task for everyone, as it involves huge risk. So small business is a safer and easier way start the journey towards huge organization. New Zealand Small Business Category involves

  • Accommodation, cafes and restaurants
  • Agriculture
  • Communication
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Retailing
  • Services
  • Transport and
  • Whole sailing

New Zealand is a popular immigration destination for business opportunity seekers. And they get can get into starting an enterprise in New Zealand by making an application under Long term business Visa category and later on converting the status into New Zealand Permanent resident status by making an immigration application to New Zealand under New Zealand Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur plus visa category.

After landing in New Zealand on LTBV, you must take care of all the formalities to be fulfilled. Firstly you should notify Inland Revenue of the region. One of the most important raw materials to start a business is capital. Usually, in New Zealand financial support provided by the government is for already existing companies. But you can still try and contact economic and development agency or New Zealand trade and enterprise.

For small scale industry, the capital requirement is not much. Therefore money management doesn’t seem to be an issue. To convert your small business plans in to fulfilled dreams, you will need government approval and good business skills.

Small business is a low cost and low risk way to start but the demerit is that you will be the single person under all the work pressure, you will be responsible for all the profit as well as loss. Small scale industries are promoted because they cause distribution of capital and decentralization of money.

Small business like mining and transport act as ancillary companies. The products manufactured by you can be utilized by bigger companies. Small companies can also provide services like transportation to bigger companies. Thus your company can be independent, ancillary or complimentary.

It is advised to pen down your business plans before implementing them. Planning will give you idea about the future situations and conditions, anticipating the hurdles and then predicting measures provide guidance at the actuating time. For demand analysis, proper market analysis is a must requirement. If your Business plan is good and impactful then it can help you with lending institutions.

There can be number of obstacles you might have to face while starting a new business. It will have positive as well as negative impacts on your life. On a positive note it will provide you freedom, exhilaration and satisfaction but on the negative side, it can be tiring, stressing and demanding. You must make your decision considering all the points.

The Inland Revenue department of the region will calculate your revenue after taking some detailed information about your business plan. For example if you are starting business under the accommodation, then it will require information like number of rooms, staff members, location, expected income, investment, reason for the investment, etc.

Registration of your company can be done with the guidance of your business advisor or lawyer or accountant. Be realistic while calculating the money your business will generate.  Instead of starting with a whole new set up, buying an already existing business is also an option.

New Zealand being centre of opportunities has wide range of business lying under New Zealand Small Business Category.  You can start or buy a business due to any reason like your interest, capital investment, etc. You must check the viability of your business plan and availability of resources.

So what are you waiting for? Make a New Zealand Long Term Business Visa application today…

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