What Benefits Greet Nova Scotia Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa Holders?

Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful provinces of Canada and composed of Cape Breton and 1000s of small islands. Halifax, the Capital City, is boosted with most of the economic activities and attracts migrants worldwide on the grounds of top class education and world class hospitals. Nova Scotia is closely connected to the sea, thus presenting mesmerizing coastlines even as it is famous for its tantalizing seafood. Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa is one best and easy way to get Canadian Citizenship.

Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

The province entices migrants from across the globe and lays red carpet for them through its online Express Entry system. The system helps in selecting the most suitable migrant for the province based upon his skills that are needed in the region.

There are two different ways through which a person gets entry to the province.

A-Nova Scotia PNP Nomination

B-Express Entry Profile

The idea behind Nova Scotia, Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa Category is simple and straight. It states that all wishful migrants, who want to make certain investments and ready to take up the challenges of the province of living and working there in, are most welcome under the aforesaid programme. An investment of 150,000 Canadian Dollars is expected from the aspirant. Plus, he should possess at least two years of work experience in the business he has planned to execute in the province.

It takes less than six months for the processing of application. In the meantime, he is invited for an interview in the province so that he gets a clear idea of what it’s like living in the area. His ability to sustain his living in the province very much determines his eligibility.

The said visa is especially crafted for all those wishful non-Canadian nationals who wish to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country and there after sponsor their family members.

The year 2017 brings more work and investment opportunities arising from a 25 billion Canadian Dollars government contract, and more of the migratory categories will be created for the aspirants.

Upon successful selection under the migration scheme, the candidate is on the fast track of the availing Canadian PR status.

Nova Scotia, Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa Benefits

Nova Scotia, Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa one of the quickest schemes for getting the prized PR status and it gives the following benefits-

  1. The income of the visa holder substantially increases as he starts earning in dollars.
  2. The migration process takes less than six months.
  3. Living in Nova Scotia allows him to enjoy world-class healthcare as the province has many such hospitals.
  4. The visa holder gets good retirement benefits as well.
  5. His children get free education.
  6. Upon grabbing PR, the holder is entitled to sponsor his relatives who can come to the nation and enjoy the same benefits that are enjoyed by him.
  7. This PR status provides the holder the opportunity to freely work and live in any Canadian territory or province.
  8. With PR holder gets to freely travel to a couple of countries without any visa liabilities.

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