Overseas Licensed Practical Nurses Eying Canada Immigration Must Apply NOW!

The rising Canadian population has led to a dramatic rise in opportunities for those who are Licensed Practical Nurses there. Every year, there is an unprecedented rise in requirement for such professionals across the nation.

This field offers an unparalleled opportunity for the sweet this any!

base expands with
• Establishment of new nursing and old age homes and the expansion of the existing ones
• Government bringing in programs for the faster recognition of the credentials of migrants enabling them to find a job easily
• Current incessant shortage for qualified nurses.

There have been other factors responsible for this shortage in the number of LPNs that can be traced to
• Influx of population from other parts of the world effecting the ratio of the health workers to the general population indices
• Inadequate population resource for generating optimum number of probable locally
• Retiring population adding to already dwindling numbers.

For eligibility:
• You must hold a vocational, college or other approved program for licensed practical nurses.
• Be registered with a regulatory body, it is compulsory.
• Have Canadian Practical Nurse Registration compulsory, except in Quebec.
• Operating room technicians require additional academic training in operating room techniques or on-the-job training.

As a licensed practical nurse you offer services for nursing within the elaborated scope of practice, to patients on

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the basis of examination and care procedures. You would be performing the nursing duties involving taking critical signs, applying aseptic techniques, such as sterile dressing, to ensure infection control and specimen collection.

Further, provide pre and after operative support and care, administer medication and observe and record the therapeutic effects, monitor therapy (both respiratory & intravenous), and the patient’s health and progress, besides evaluating the usefulness of nursing treatment and consulting appropriate healthcare team members.

As an operating room technician, you would prepare the patients for the purpose of surgery involving shaving, washing, and sterilizing their operative zones. Help in surgery with instruments, equipment, assist surgical teams with gloves, gowns and tools and clean & sterilize the operating room. To avail this opportunity, visa for Licensed Practical Nurses, under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Canada, you need to apply quickly as this category has an intake limit of 500.

It is always advisable to take the help of an expert in the case of migration, as it is always a demanding job. You can ask Abhinav for counseling and services in the visa related matters and the application process. We keep our visa regulation information base updated and can simplify the whole process for you, giving you time to focus on other critical areas regarding your moving

Under the FWSP, Licensed Practical Nurses are much in demand in Canada. There are huge opportunities for them in various provinces. Lack of qualified workforce and the ageing people give a brighter prospect to qualified and licensed migrants to immigrate. Apply soon before visas run out!


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