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Canada Visa Information

One of the most scenically beautiful countries across the world with innumerable sites of tourist interest, Canada, is one of the major destinations for the global tourists. Likewise, the advancement of the country in the domains of trade, commerce and industrialization, as well as its standing as a major academic hub, attracts millions of visitors to the country every year.

Canada Visa Information

Canada Visa Information

Are you aspiring to visit the hotspot? If so, the paragraphs underneath shall give you the relevant and important Canada Visa Information.

What are the various schemes to apply for the visas?

As the touring purpose is different, visitors will have different needs for visas. As such, Ottawa offers an extensive array of visas, depending on the particular needs of the candidates.

For instance, if you are visiting the country as a tourist, you should apply for the Tourist Visa. Likewise, the aspirants for educational, business or professional purposes should apply for the Student Visa and Work Visa. If you are visiting the country to avail medical treatment, you can get the Medical Visa that is rolled out on a war footing basis. For the diplomats, there is the scheme for Diplomat category.

It implies, depending on your personal profile and the purpose of visiting the destination, there are suitable options from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to address the needs.

How to apply for the Canadian Visas?

The embassy of the nation grants the visas to the aspirants, subjected to meeting the set criteria and the submission of adequate fees, intended for this purpose. You should visit the concerned embassy in your country, and seek the assistance of the officials, to get the detailed insight in this regard.

Alternatively, the information may be collated from the official portals run by the Canadian Government and the IRCC. Ottawa has friendly and reasonable policies in this regard, and once you meet the eligibility condition, getting a visa will not be a daunting task.

Does the Canadian Government offer some special schemes to individuals whose relatives are in the nation?

If some of your relatives are already in the hotspot, and you would like to visit them for short intervals, you should opt for the Canadian Super Visa. This is a long term permit to enter the hotspot and it stays valid for a period of 10 years. In between this span, you can stay in the country for a stretch of 2 years at a go.

This perfectly suits the specific needs of those visitors whose sons & daughters, grandsons, spouse or immediate family members are in the nation and they frequently visit the country.

Some More Canada Visa Information

While discussing about the different Canadian Visas, it will be especially relevant to state that the residents of the US, the UK, Germany and the Korean Republic are exempted from the needs to hold a valid visa to enter the Maple Leaf Country.

The market has innumerable Visa Consultants who can assist you in getting a visa within the shortest time span. With their help, complete the necessary formalities and get a visa. Visit the Canadian embassy nearest to you to get detailed information and guidance in this regard.





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