Ottawa to Draw More Migrants via Canada Express Entry Points Calculator 2015

Before January 2015, it was hard to imagine that obtaining immigration to Canada could become tad easy for the qualified people. However, in 2015 it would be a tremendous year for the Maple Leaf Country as the government is bracing-up to speed up its efforts to target more new immigrants in this year through the Canada Express Entry Point Calculator 2015 schemes.

Inward inflow of new migrants has always played pivotal role in the development of the North American country, and the concerned visa and immigration authorities are very well aware of this information. The incursion of migrants has for all time helped authorities in resolving multiple issues like:

  • Providing authorities with more subjects to be included in the tax net, thereby offsetting the pressure of taxes n local population.
  • Enhancing the various qualified personnel and the level of expertise in the local skill bank.
  • Enhancing the various qualified personnel and the level of expertise in the local skill bank.
  • By increasing consumer base of the country, boosting consumption power of local economy
  • Productivity of local stakeholder and ultimately the domestic economy are enhancing.

The New Year could well prove to be most exciting time for the country as the government is all set to bring about the biggest change in migration visa policies. The authorities are setting up to target additional immigrants in 2015 for Canada immigration, i.e., as per estimates, the goal set for next year for granting permanent residents visa over between 260000 and 285000.

This development in numbers is a straight increment of 20000 people over the year gone by, i.e., 2014. In the beginning of the New Year, it will also be marked by initiation of a brand new one of its kind scheme Canada Express Entry Point Calculator 2015. The applicants now under this scheme do not need to pay for processing at the time of creation of the profile. The candidates are issued Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) on a variety of grounds like:

  • Economic immigration
  • Skilled migration
  • Business migration
  • Family sponsorship
  • Refugee and humanitarian programs

The new announcement has lot of things that potentially hold many promises for the applicants in waiting. At the end of each year, the government of the Maple Leaf Country makes announcements about how many new comers would be accepted in the country, and how many would be granted permanent residential status in current year.

In 2015, the authorities have decided that out of the gross projection almost 65% of the request taken for PR in would be from migrants applying under different economic program. The PR Visa would be allotted to economic migrants could well range between 169000 and 185200. It is surely a forward concept of skilled immigration. A program enables aspirants to access multiple programs through single profile, namely, federal schemes, provincial nomination arrangements, and employment based visa initiatives.

The overseas skilled migrants presently being selected through the FSW would be short listed for PR through this scheme from the current year, for Canada immigration. The number of applications to be short-listed for PR visa could be 51000 or more. The federal and state authorities and local employers could select these applications. The new scheme would not have any eligible tabulation.


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