Ottawa Pushes Back Full Execution of eTA

Here’s an important news report for Canada immigration motivated individuals! The Canadian administration is holding up until the fall (autumn) the implementation of a fresh Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) arrangement for the public exempt from the condition to get a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), prior to they can move to the nation. Significantly, the arrangement was listed to be compulsory from March 15, 2016.

It is alleged that the same effectively denotes that the visitor protocol that has been in place until at the present keeps on being in place until the eTA becomes obligatory. Immigration Canada has neither offered a precise date for the full execution of the system, nor was any ground for the deferring offered. Until at this time, visa-exempt people from abroad, seeking admission to the nation, are not thoroughlyCanada Visa screened for permissibility until they land at a Canadian port of admission.

The arrangement is rather comparable to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) presently in use by the US. The Canadian pre-approval structure will only be required for TRV-exempt public seeking to gain admission in the Maple Leaf Country, via air to visit on an impermanent ground.

A charge of CAD $7.00 is needed for processing. The ETA is legally valid for a time-frame of five years from the day on which it is given to the candidate or until the earliest of these days, in case they take place prior to end of that time-frame:

  1. Day on which the aspirant’s passport or other travel document loses its validity,
  2. Day on which the eTA is revoked, or
  3. Day on which a new eTA is offered to the aspirant.

The eTA comprises the name of the aspirant, date and place of birth, address, country of origin, gender, and passport and/or travel paper particulars. In case the candidate is powerless to make the petition by means of the eTA thanks to either a physical or mental disability, the same may be made by a different means, and this includes a paper application form.

Many exemptions from the condition to acquire pre-approval to travel are in place, and this include:

  1. People of the US.
  2. People already having a Temporary Resident Visa of Canada.
  3. Some specific overseas ambassadors.
  4. Money-making air team.
  5. People with the citizenship of France who enjoy the residency status of St. Pierre and Miquelon.
  6. People with a visa to gain admission in the US on a flight on its way to that nation via Canada, where the single aim of the flight discontinuing in the Maple Leaf Country is refueling.
  7. People traveling through the Maple Leaf Country as a traveler on a flight with any visa needed to gain admission in the nation of destination.
  8. People performing official duties as a member of the armed forces of a nation that is a nominated state for the objects of the Visiting Forces Act.
  9. Holders of Study or Work Permit re-entering the nation in the wake of a visit exclusively to either the St. Pierre and Miquelon of the US.
  10. Her Majesty in right of the Maple Leaf Country and any member of the Royal Family.

The figure of the visa-exempt overseas nationals moving to Canada, on a temporary basis per year, is significantly bigger vis-à-vis the number of visa-required travelers. For example, visa-exempt foreign nationals, excluding the US citizens, represent roughly 74% of the overseas nationals who turn-up by air in Canada.

During 2012–2013, 7,055was the total figure of the visa-exempt foreign nationals, who landed in Canada, and were not considered for entry at air ports of entry. The same resulted in major expenditure, delay and problem for these overseas people, other visitors, the carriers, and of course, the Canadian administration.

Reasons for denial can comprise membership in terrorist outfits, spying, involvement in war sins or crimes against humankind, international human rights infringements, links with organized crime bodies, criminality, or matters jeopardizing public health, like tuberculosis, for instance.


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