Are You Overseas Immigration Motivated Electronics Engineer? Get PR Visa Services!

Every year, a large number of skilled Electronics Engineer submit an application for PR Visa for various countries, and among many countries the maximum number of PR Visa applications is submitted for Canada and Australia–arguably the two most visited global destinations.

Are you a trained Electronics Engineer and dream of acquiring a PR Visa for either of the two countries? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you will be perhaps glad to learn that you can get PR visa services that especially work to assist interested applicants like you.Free Assessment form

As per some reports, skilled Electronics Engineers are officially wanted in both the countries as these nations are presently facing serious shortage of such professionals. And since they have failed to meet with the growing demand internally, they are interested to welcome foreign trained professionals and given them the much sought after PR Visas. Against this backdrop, your job prospects are extremely high in both the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ and ‘Down Under’.

How Can Electronics Engineers Get PR Visa Services?

Electrical Engineering is the main branch of Engineering, therefore its demand is pretty high. Their services are required while developing, designing, and monitoring the installation. The experts also duly maintain machines and tools along with monitoring the controls of electric power.

A large number of trained Electronics Engineers migrate abroad as their job prospects are high in the developed nations even as immigration experts play a crucial role in helping them move abroad.Check Your Eligibility

One can easily get in touch with an immigration expert once he is sure that he really wishes to acquire PR Visa for the particular country, say Canada. You can easily search the Internet to find out about the PR immigration consultancy firms, or else personal recommendation is most trusted and hassle free.

Many such organizations are operating from both small and big cities with their branch offices spread across the country. Almost every firm has decades of experience behind them making them a valuable asset for the prospective immigrants. You may check their official website for complete information or simply call at their office and pay a personal visit.

Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

It is a well-known visa and immigration consultancy with its headquarters located in the heart of the Indian capital. Led by the industry veteran Mr. Ajay Sharma, Abhinav has been playing a crucial role in helping and guiding aspirants move abroad and get a PR Visa since the past two decades or so.

Electronics Engineer–Future Prospects

Their future prospects are high in both the countries. Perks and pay package are lucrative with the possibility of annual incrimination. It is likely that in the future their demand will only increase. From household to big companies they are required almost everywhere.

Depending on their experience and exposure, the professionals may join hydel/thermal power plant or an atomic power plant. They are equally in demand in public and private sectors such as electricity board, railways, electrical designs and consultancy firms, civil aviation, and various types of manufacturing units.

How to get PR visa for either of the two countries?

Australia PR Visa

In Australia the occupation is mentioned on the following occupation lists, namely, Skilled Occupations List (SOL), Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List, and the RSMS Occupations List. You may apply via the General Skilled Migration Programme (GSM).

You may use your personal professional factors to qualify for one of the following categories: Graduate Temporary Subclass 485, Skilled Regional Provisional Subclass 489, Skilled Regional Subclass 887, Skilled Independent Subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Subclass 190, and Skilled Nominated Subclass 190.Click Here

Canada PR Visa

Canada allows submitting an application for PR Visa, via the popular Express Entry system. It is basically an online point based system which duly manages the application for various economic programmes, including certain Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs).



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    I need full details concerning Canada PR Visa Services for Electronics Engineering.

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    I’m interested in Canada immigration. I’ve more than 2yrs of experience in electrical engineering and continuing my profession.

    I’d like to know more about this..plz provide more info about job assistance and all other things.


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      Thanks for your valuable reply. First, you have to send your updated CV at [email protected], if you are eligible than our consular contact with you and give you the all details about Canada Immigration.

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