Are You Overseas Social Worker & Keen on Canada Immigration?

The occupation of Social Workers is based on the principles of humanitarian cause. They form an inseparable part of several governments in the developed nations, with a foresight to guarantee an all-round welfare of their citizens. Similarly, Canada also allocates a big budget under the social responsibility cause on this initiative. The profession of Social Workers also features among the 29 listed skills in the Canadian Federal Migrant Skilled Labor Program.

Due to large scale migration to this country, there is a considerable change in demographics. It makes this occupation a lucrative venue for many qualified migration aspirants. There are other reasons for escalation in this field; for e.g., ageing workforce.

Social workers work in hospitals, schools, social service and welfare organizations, and rehabilitation and correction facilities. This occupation is not easily effected by the economic fluctuations. In recent times, the range of their functions has expanded into working in teams with health professionals in the healthcare sector.

Over 50% of the Canadian Social Workers are employed by the government and across all provinces and prominently in British Columbia (BC), Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Specifically in Manitoba, there is steady demand for gerontology social workers. In Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon Territory, etc., there is big scope for social helpers working in child protection services and elderly assistance.

What Social Workers Do!

A social worker’s Duties usually focus on:

  • Investigation and prevention of child abuse. A social worker is authorized to take a protective and
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    a preventive action against such acts.

  • Counseling and advising, and if necessary, a corrective therapy to help clients in becoming self-sufficient in dealing with their social and personal issues.
  • Chalk-out plans and alternatives to help clients including referring them to the agencies dealing in providing financial and legal assistance along with several other aids as housing etc.
  • Advocate the client group’s cause in the society and lobby for solutions that directly bear an impact on the client groups and devise and plan, programs to address the community issues.
  • Evaluating people individually, with family or in group as may be needed to critically assess the situation and the hurdles, and decide on a desirable supportive program.

You could work as coordinator of social work, medical social worker, psychiatric social worker, social work supervisor, social worker.

Eligibility requirement for social workers include a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Social work from a recognized university, with a relevant experience of atleast one year under supervision.

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Social workers forms an inseparable part of the Canada’s Human Resource Development initiative. This occupation has become more prominent due to various factors, like migration, expansion of health services. Apply soon as some visas are still available for this profession under Canada’s Skilled Migration Program!

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