Australia General Skilled Immigration Visa- How To Meet The Pass Mark And Points System?

Points test play a crucial role to assess your eligibility for the general skilled migration visa to Australia. In this test, the applicant is required to claim as many points as possible, so as to achieve the minimum pass mark that will qualify them to further their immigration procedure under the general skilled migration visa program.

There are a wide variety of factors that are analyzed in this test. The pass mark that applicants are required to score keeps on changing from time to time. This depends on the demand of their skills or occupation in Australia’s labor market. It is thereby advisable to check for the pass mark immediately before you file your application. Your abilities and skills in the points test will be assessed according to the pool mark or the pass mark on the day when you file your application.

Now, many of you might be wondering, what if you are unable to score the set pass mark in this test? Will all your money, time and efforts go waste, in case you fail in this points test? Certainly not! If an applicant could not score the required pass mark, their application would surely not be rejected outright. In such cases, if the score of the applicant is over the “pool mark” (which is lower than the pass mark) their application is preserved “in pool” by the relevant Australian immigration authority for the next two years. So, within the next two years, if the pass mark is lowered and your assessment score qualifies according to this latest pass mark, your application will then be processed.

It may be possible that you may not want to wait for another two years for your general skilled migration visa to Australia. You may consider assessing your qualification under sponsorship option or provisional categories. You may also seek nomination from ‘Designated Area’ or ‘Regional Australia

An experienced Australia Immigration specialist is best placed to guide you on these alternate options.

Summary: Achieving the pass mark to qualify through points test is a definite possibility, if you possess the relevant qualifications, skills and experience of your nominated occupation along with a little fluency in the Queen’s language. However, sometimes lady luck might not let go things in your favor. But this will no longer be a hurdle in your Australia immigration as you can be listed “in pool” or contact Australia immigration experts to know the alternate options, if you do not wish to wait “in pool” for the next two years. You may also consider alternate immigration destinations like Canada, New Zealand, UK and Denmark.



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