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Canada permanent residency application

It’s Canada’s soft immigration policy that makes it an apt destination for immigration. Migrants look up at the nation with high hopes and expectations. Grabbing its Permanent Residency (PR) is a common dream that every second migrant looks forward to. PR of Canada not only provides endless employment opportunity to the migrants only, it proves beneficial to their dependents, spouse and relatives as well.immigration services

For availing this card, an expat needs to file a Canada permanent residency application. The overseas hotspot opens up several ways for the aspiring and deserving aspirants who wish to move to it.

The skills and work experience of the candidates determine his visa category. There are 10 provinces and 3 territories where in a migrant can seek shelter and enjoy his living. The PR Card allows him to work, live and study in any part of the country. Migrants with exceptional skills, and if their exceptional skills can add on to the economy of the nation, stand at a very much profitable position.

The form that is submitted for the permanent residency application of Canada should be filled with utmost care as any vacant space or left space could prove fatal and the form could be rejected. Plus, the application should have all the mentioned documents and photograph of the applicant in the prescribed size. In case the applicant does meet the requirements, then his application will be rejected.

There are two types of residency that can be seized–temporary and permanent. A person needs to download the PR application form and fill it carefully. After the completion of the form, pay the fees and send the form to the stated mail id or to the mentioned center.

The candidate interested in PR Card is assessed on the basis of his age, education, work experience, language skills, and adaptability to the nation. Knowing international language is not just enough to survive in the Maple Leaf. An applicant with extra skill of French language has an edge as it helps him in easy communication with the residents and understanding of the sigh boards that govern the road signs and shops’ initials in the country.

After submission of the application, the aspirant can keep a check on the processing of his application. He may avail the SMS benefit or simply log on into the website and check application status, by submitting his application number and other details. Technology has made this difficult task a cakewalk.

PR is claimed by the person who scores 60 points in the country’s points based system. His score is accumulated on the perimeters of age, work, education and language skills. Grab more points to get PR Card and hassle free entry to the Maple Leaf Country, and enjoy the freedom of working and living in the overseas hotspot. Submit perfect and complete application form and get the nation’s prized PR.

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  • Mohammad Kabirul Islam

    I am more than 17 years experience civil engineer in civil engineering construction project, mainly building construction quality control and Supervision activities. Want to migrate Canada, please guide .

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Mohammad Kabirul Islam,

      Thanks for your comment. Sure we will assist you but for that I need few of your details. Kindly send me your updated resume of self and spouse(if married) at [email protected] for valuation and assessment process and further guidance.

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