Permanent Residency Immigration to Canada

Across the globe if any country still holds the charisma, that is Maple country. This destination offers unrivalled and unprecedented benefits to the new entrants and migrants who gain entry into this nation on basis of different routes. Permanent Residency Immigration to Canada has been gaining prominence and there are many suitors for this status.

Maple country has traditionally been a migrant’s heaven. People have landed here and have turned the fortunes of their own and this land around. Being a true multi racial social set-up you would hardly find racial over tones or under tones in this country. Where most of the white dominated countries suffer from a fair degree of racial slur and anti color movements of local whites, Canada happens to the brightest spot among the white dominated countries. All are equal and everybody has an equal chance of expanding his or her horizons are per his or her aspirations and expectations.

Not only the society and the community but the tolerance flows down in sumptuous dose from the authorities. Various laws and regimes have been established and defined to ensure that all citizens including the native Indians, European immigrants and

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new entrants from other parts and corners of the globe get the benefits of government protection and assistance in equal quantity.

Whether it is education, employment or business the authorities always strive to making such provisions that facilitate a peaceful living and abundance of opportunities in every walk of life. The administration has been consistently transparent all through and the accountability factor that prevails in this country would leave many countries like India blushing and gasping for breath.

Talking of the economic set up of this country, the Canadian government guarantees hard line following of free market economy in which all the nationals and permanent residents have been given rights to seek and exploit business opportunities in legitimate domains. The authorities vow to ensure making the resources and chances available at the disposal of nationals and permanent residents.

The people in possession of Canada Immigration Permanent Residency enjoy all rights and privileges at par with the nationals of the country except that they

  • Do not have right to exercise franchise in elections
  • Do not have the privilege of fighting elections
  • Cannot serve in strategic locations and offices
  • Cannot hold Canadian passports

People entering this country as permanent residents or gaining this status on basis of fulfilling the stipulations defined as qualifying parameters for obtaining PR, are provided a permanent resident card.

This card lasts for tenure of 5 years and is given a renewal for a period of 5 years on being applied for. To be qualified for the renewal process, it is essential for the applicant to

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be physically present in the country for a minimum period of 3 years immediately preceding the application.

The people entering Canada on basis of this status are required to meet the Canada Immigration officer who stamps the passports of the new entrants with stamp “Immigrant Landed”. After this entry stamping an IMM 1000 form is supplied as an official record entry. Even the people who are advanced to the PR status from provisional residential status must also get the “Immigrant Landed” endorsement of their passports.

This much coveted status can be obtained from several routes and methods. The new entrants can attain direct Permanent Residency Immigration to Canada on basis of relationship sponsorship, federal skills and business migration programs, state specific provincial nomination scheme for skills and business or investments. In the indirect routes you need to get the provisional residential status and fulfill all connected stipulations


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