What You Need To Find Out From Your Permanent Residency Visa Consultant!

The PR Visa Consultant is altogether different from a normal visa consultant. If you are planning to move to any country, say Australia, in that case, you must understand the basic difference between the PR Visa Consultants and the normal visa consultants.Free Assessment form

The PR Consultants, a reliable expertise who can handle all the intricacies related to the Permanent Residency. The normal visa consultants are different with the expertise to handle the normal visas.

PR Visa Consultants

PR Visa Consultants

If you happen to avail the services of the professional PR Visa Consultants, in that case, you can ask the following questions to them.

Q.1 How can I determine whether I am eligible for a PR Visa?

When you ask this question, he will be bound to show you the qualities that can help you stay permanently in the country of your choice, say Canada.

Q.2 When can I expect to receive a response from the service provider?

As immigration process has been always attached with the different terms and conditions stringent about timeliness, a timely reply will always be of a great value.

Q.3 What is Permanent Residence?

For the common folks, they do not know about the basic difference governing the normal visa to that of PR Visa. A good immigration consultant will always help the candidates to understand that. You can ask your immigration agent to explain you about the PR Visa in detail.Check Your Eligibility

Q.4 what are the basic requirements of the PR Visa?

PR Visa, or the normal visas, both are two different things. With an experienced immigration agent at your helm, to deal with the challenges will not be tough at all.

Q.5 What are the benefits with PR Visa?

Numerous benefits are associated with the PR Visa, and only when you have got a good immigration consultant, things would be easier for you to understand all of them.

Q.6 What is a skilled worker, semi-skilled worker and unskilled worker?

The immigration has been governed under categories: semi skilled; skilled; unskilled. You can ask your immigration agent about the probable differences. With their experience and expertise, they will be best to bank upon, and you will get an in-depth insight as well.

Q.7 What is the difference between a lawyer and immigration consultant?

Basic difference, once when explained will always help you to file for the immigration. You need to understand that the immigration consultants and the lawyers are two different things, you can ask them.

Q.8 How long will the application status take?

Most of the times, often one is apprehensive about the tenure the process will take, and such challenges might be frustrating when you are not informed well in advance and correctly about the process. Competent immigration consultants will help you deal with that.

When you get a PR Visa Consultant, you can ask them the following questions for a better understanding.Click Here


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