Permanent Resident in Canada–Rights & Responsibilities

Permanent Resident in Canada

If you wish to become a permanent resident in Canada, surely the year 2016 is the most promising to submit an application for the same, against the backdrop of the number of the flexible immigration programmes in the pipeline introduced by the new liberal government.

Without a doubt, the North American country is one of the best destinations in the world for the object of immigration and getting the prized status. The Maple Leaf Country is culturally diverse, it has a thriving economy, its employment rate is 100%, and the standard of living very high. Moreover, its exotic locations and world-class cities also encourage a large number of immigrants to submit an application for PR Visa.

Provinces & Territories

The Maple Leaf Country has 10 provinces and three territories with their own capital cities. The provinces and territories are further sub divided into five regions. Ottawa is the national capital, and is also an economic hub and the fourth most populated city of the country. Other three largest cities are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver respectively.

A large number of immigrants are keen to settle in the top most cities as they are likely to offer more opportunities and benefits to them.

Permanent Resident in Canada–Key Benefits

The country’s permanent residents enjoy numerous benefits even while some of them are as follow:

  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in the country.
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship once you have lived and worked in the nation for a period of four years.
  • You are fully protected as per the Canadian law, and can enjoy rights and benefits as per the country’s charter of rights and freedom.
  • You can sponsor your family.


The country offers you numerous good accommodation options depending on your specific budget and need. At first you may explore temporary housing opportunities, and later you may explore other options or can buy your own as well.

Permanent Resident in Canada–Key Responsibilities

As a permanent resident, you have some responsibilities and they are as follow:

  1. Abide by the Canadian law: As a permanent resident you are expected to fully abide by the country’s law and any breach is a subject to legal action.
  2. Protect the country’s heritage: The nation is proud of its national heritage, and the permanent residents are expected to help in saving its heritage and environment.
  3. Knowledge of official language: The Maple Leaf Country has two national languages, i.e., English and French. It is expected that the permanent resident is fluent in either of the two languages. Fluency in French is an added advantage.
  4. Cooperate and mutually help others: The nation is a culturally diverse country here people with different beliefs, religion, color, and language live together in peace. Hence, permanent residents are expected to help each other with a feeling of brother hood.

For the permanent residents, especially those with the right skills and education, the country has opened its doors wide. Thus you must not wait any longer and consult a Canada immigration consultant today.

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