Does Poland Immigration Visa Motivate You?

In every way Poland is a complete country capable of providing fruitful life to its immigrants. The country is a quite performer and has the world’s sixth largest economy, leaving many renowned countries behind, such as Canada and Hong Kong.

In terms of land size, it holds the ninth position in Europe. Located in Central Europe it has some of the well-known countries as its neighbors. In spite of the fact that it has the larger than life picture, it’s a little surprising why it has not become a top immigration destination.

At present, Poland has started gaining popularity, and those who wish to move to Europe are inquiring about Poland Immigration and its visa procedure. To speak the truth Poland Immigration is not an easy task, and obtaining its visa is pretty difficult.

The beautiful Polish country is a member state of Schengen Zone and the European Union (EU). So, it provides easy and smooth visa-free entry to the citizens of the EU and the Schengen Zone for not more than 90 days.

Aforementioned citizens can come to the country with only valid travel documents. However, if they wish to live in the nation beyond three months, they will have to apply either for temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit.

For the Non European Union citizens, entering the Polish country is a rather difficult and tedious task. To apply for a visa, they must hold a valid passport with a validity period of not less than three months, from the date of departure from the country. Polish Immigration department asks to submit evidence of sufficient capital and valid health insurance to cover your stay in the country.

Work Permit

To obtain a work permit (residence visa), the non EU citizens are required to submit an application to the Polish counsel in their native country by submitting a ‘Work Visa Certificate’ issued by the Local Labor office. Initially, successful applicants are issued a visa for a period of one year with the possibility of further extension.

While issuing a work permit, the applicant’s nationality plays an important role. Non EU citizens find it rather hard to obtain a permit. On the other hand, certain jobs, in both public and private sectors, are reserved only for Polish citizens.

Residence Permit

Priority is given to those applicants who wish to live and work in the country for at least one year, and who have sufficient funds to support their stay in the nation with valid health insurance coverage. Successful candidates are initially issued a visa for five years which can be further extended for five more years. Primary applicant may bring along his family members.

Permanent Residence & Polish Citizenship

Those who wish to acquire Polish PR and its citizenship must have lived and worked in the country and abided by its laws for three years. They should hold close family ties, local address and source of income in Poland. You may be eligible to apply for its Citizenship if you have successfully lived in the country for five years. Polish citizenship can also be earned on the basis of various other factors, such as birth, descent and marital ties. The country does not favor dual citizenship.


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