Poland Proffers Attractive Business Immigration Programmes

Starting a business in a foreign country is risky. Before investing your hard earned money it is better to know if the country is business-friendly and encourages foreign investors.  However, if you are looking for an opportunity to start your own business abroad, then certainly Poland is a good choice.

The beautiful Polish country, located in Central Europe, is a business-friendly country and has an excellent environment for foreign businessman as well as business woman.

The nation has badly suffered during the World War II and has lost considerably large number of manpower as well as financial resources. Yet today Poland has the sixth largest economy in the EU.

Today, Poland’s Business Immigration Programs are regarded attractive and are widely popular among businessmen and women around the world. The country offers thriving opportunities to foreign talent.

In the European continent, the country has fast emerged as a major business hub, thanks to its attractive business immigration programmes and policies and the easy availability of cheap labor.

Poland’s attractive Business Immigration Programmes do not only provide easy entry in the nation but the value for invested money. The programme is ideal for those who wish to live and work specifically in Europe.

Interested business people may apply for a Temporary Residence Permit also known as ‘Karta czasowegopobytu’. It is the most feasible option to start a business in Poland. However, if your eyes are on Permanent Residence, then you will have to wait a lit bit longer before you can actually become a permanent resident of the country.

Interested business people can safeguard their permit if they have net worth 50,000 zloty (around USD 14,500) to form a Polish LLC company. Being the owner of the newly formed company you become entitled to get a Temporary Residence Card initially for eight months that can easily extended further.

Besides starting your own company, you can easily visit the country for short business trips, such as attending meeting, conference, business consultation or related programmmes.

If you intend to stay in a country for a very short business trip, then it will not be difficult to acquire a permit for the beautiful Polish country. You require acquiring TRP only if you have intention to live in the country for more than three months.

If you are travelling to Poland on a Temporary Resident Permit, then you can easily explore many other possibilities, such as you can explore the possibility of expanding your business in the nation, you can become a partner in an existing business and make new clients.

The Polish government makes sure that through all means you get maximum return on your investment. Business personnel are encouraged to start their venture mainly in Special Economic Zone with Zero liability on Income Tax.

Certainly, the condition is in favor of business personnel. You are not just provided special exemption on property tax but you also get complete assistance to buy land for official use at low cost.


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