Post visa issues that may hinder your entry to your immigration destination

Ah! So, it’s the day your dream will come true and finally after qualifying through the long winding immigration procedure you are all set to fly to your immigration destination. Sobbing, hugging and bidding farewell to the family and friends at the airport, thinking that they will only be able to see you after months now, or may be even after years and off you go.

But what if you are caught up in some post-landing issues after reaching the airport of your immigration destination? It would definitely be a sight to see the reactions of the same near and dear ones as they see you standing before them after a day or two. Eyes wide open and some of them may even have their mouths open too that looks more like a tunnel to the musketeers. Many would surely be shocked more than surprised to see you there.

To make sure that you do not become the subject of ridicule and small talk around, it is essential that you are cautious of the post landing conditions that may become the reason for you to fly back to your homeland. Given below is a set of post landing conditions:

  1. Security inadmissibility – You are required to inform the visa authorities of any criminal or security inadmissibility issues that may have occurred at ANY time during the visa process and even till the time of landing. Not informing about any criminal offence to the authorities in your homeland during and after the immigration procedure and its revelation on landing to the immigrated land can get you in trouble. This may also cause you to leave the country of your immigration, immediately.
  2. Medical situation – Similar to the criminal act, revelation of any infectious medical condition may cause you to bid adieu to the destination you have immigrated. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have deceived the immigration authorities in your homeland. Sometimes, it might be possible that you have gained any infection or have developed any medical condition after finishing the medical tests that form a part of the immigration process.
  3. Settlement funds – When you immigrate to a foreign land under the skilled migrant category, there are different requirements of minimum settlement funds for every country that you must show and transfer to your account in your immigration destination to fulfill your post landing needs there until you get a job. Not having the minimum required settlement funds is another common reason why immigrants end up coming back to their home country, even after getting the visa approval.

So, what are you waiting for now? Simply be mindful of these post-landing conditions, pack your bags and fly to your immigration destination without any hassle.


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